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    Hi everyone. I was notified that I need to make an introduction (must have slipped my mind). You can call me DallasXIII, I'm an 18 year old male, who has a secret diaper fetish. I don't wear diapers all that often (when I do its cloth, don't want to have to keep buying disposables) and I don't use diapers. Rather I am aroused at the thought of having a girlfriend who wears diapers. I don't necessarily want to be her daddy but I find it so innocent and cute.

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    Heyyy, listen. Just a little tip; this isn't a fetish site, or a one stop shop 'let's talk about masturbating and arousal from diapers' website. To be brutally honest, there aren't many girls around here and the guys around here might not like your opening; myself included. That said, welcome to ADISC! Can you tell us stuff about yourself OUTSIDE of your AB/TB/DL life? Hobbies, interests, games and music, that sorta stuff.


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    Hey Dallas,

    Its nice to see you got arround to post an introduction. Unfortunetly, it read a little bit like a personal add, which isn't really what we are about here (if you are looking for a dating site then ADISC is not for you).
    So, as long as you understand that we are not a dating site, nor a site where we post content that is riskier than PG13 (as we have members as young as 13 years old), you should find your place here.
    That said, you didn't tell much about yourself as a person. Do you think you could tell us a little bit more? For example, what do you do in your spare time, what is your occupation and can tell us a cool fact about yourself?

    Anyway, I hope to see you arround,


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    Edit: apparently this is my 500th post. Figured I'd add this line for posterity :P
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