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    Hi, I am new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. I am an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover that hails from South Carolina. I have been interested in the AB lifestyle for the past ten years, but have only worn off an on over the past four and a half years.

    I am married and my wife is supportive and embraces me as an AB/DL.

    I look forward to engaging in conversations with all of you in the future.

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    I think this post would belong in the introductions forum: Greetings / Introductions... but nonetheless, welcome to the site, hazy!

    what else are you into besides the AB/DL side of you?


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    Thanks Caleb. I am into sports and playing listening to music. Play a little guitar.

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    Hay there hazy! Welcome to ADISC, man.
    What kind of music do you listen to anyway?
    Rock, Electro, Rap, ect.?

    Well, see you around anyway.... and hmm, more people from the south than I would've thought.

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    So, you're into sports, eh? As a player or a spectator (or even an official), and which ones?

    Well, I'd draw your attention to your left, just above my avatar. As you can now see, I kinda like the Olympics (it's actually an understatement to say that). I'm a weird sports fan, I'd probably watch Kitzbühel over the Super Bowl and I have advocated for a while now that (Team/Olympic/European) Handball is the most "American" sport not on American TV. But ya, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on ADISC (or at least the only North American) that is into sliding sports, Biathlon, Handball, Show Jumping and Skiing ^^

    Regardless, there are a few sports-related groups that you might want to check out, like the hockey group, and discussion about sports (mostly American Football) pop up once in a while - don't hesitate to start a thread on the matter :P

    Anyway, I hope to see you around,


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    I like pretty much all sports but especially football, basketball and baseball. Like to play and watch. I will watch an occasional soccer or hockey game, but never play either.

    I will have to check out the sports you mentioned. You Tube is a cool tool.

    I like rock, country, rap, Broadway, etc.

    Yeah Southern's unite!
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    Wow, another South Carolinian? I'm from South Cackalacky myself. Welcome to the site. I'm a bit of a sports fan myself. I like football and basketball, and I play the latter.

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    Hi, hazy. Welcome to ADISC. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hazy View Post

    Yeah Southern's unite!
    ... Now there's a racist joke somewhere in there, but I'll refrain from talking about it because of the fact that I'm from the north, and if we get into a fight there might be a bunch of people with almost as ridiculous accents running into SC to find you. /jk, if you take that all seriously you need to calm down.

    Anyways, welcome to ADISC, ETC ETC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeru117 View Post
    and if we get into a fight there might be a bunch of people with almost as ridiculous accents running into SC to find you.
    *Finds torch and pitchfork. Angry mob time!!!!!

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