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Thread: Greetings from Belgium

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    Post Greetings from Belgium

    Hi everybody,

    Finally I've found the courage to speak freely about beeing a DL.
    I've been into diapers since childhood but didn't dare talking about it.
    Recently I started to wear them more frequently, even outdoors .
    Talking with persons with same interests do change your way of thinking about things in life!

    So, ... What's your story?

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    Hi Themind,

    Gosh, your nick has nearly as much lame pun potential as mine -_-
    In any case, are there any interests outside of diapers you could share with us? Out in the real world liking diapers is pretty extraordinary, but here its something virtually all our members share. It would be quite appreciated if you shared a few of your interests outside of this site's subject matter.
    It does indeed take quite a bit to accept being a DL (or an AB/TB, for that matter), so congrats on that ^^

    Anyway, I hope to see you around,


    p.s. So, are you Walloon or Flander?

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    Hello and welcome! My 'nick' is my own hehe I think it's amazing people from all over the world are able to congregate. As you get your 'sealegs' perhaps you might like to share a little more about the non-dl you. I love books especially by Austen :-)

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    Hallo De geest / Salut L'esprit, welcome to ADISC!

    Geez, two fellows countrymen joining ADISC on the same week! Belgium is taking over!! xD

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    Hi Near, I'm from the Flemish part of Belgium. But, I speak fluently french. During my childhood, my father talked only french to me and my mother dutch. Clever of them! :-)

    A bit more about myself;
    I work as an IT technician for a international company and travel a lot.
    If I'm not at work, I'm out biking, taking my CBR for a spin or grab a beer with my friends.
    Still searching for my soulmate, somewhere out there. ;-)

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    please be welcome and visit the forum like you believe

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    Welcome, The Mind!
    My French isn't as good as i used to hope it'd be lol, but my English turned out to get pretty.... Er... Un-accent-ish ^_^
    Anyways, hope you have fun here!

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    welcome! good to see another belgian on the forums, I was starting to feel lonely here :p

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    Yay Belgium! I was born there!
    I love the food - French quality with Germanic quantity!
    Welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi everybody!
    Thanks for the warm welcome! :-)
    Seems that I'm not the only Belgian here around.
    Alles ok met de mensen? :-)

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