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Thread: Recommend a artist

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    Default Recommend a artist

    Just as the title says. Can anyone recommend a good artist, that does not charge to much for a commission?

    Links would be helpful, I cannot seem to find anything on furaffinity, that or I am just bad at looking.

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    All of the best artists charge around 20$+ depending on the type of pic, and are usually hard to get slots from. Depends on what kind of pic, as I said. Are you looking for specifically babyfur? Or just a furry artist in general?

    Regardless of what you pic, one of my personal favorites who never charges much, and is very flexible, is amber;
    Userpage of eeviechu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    She uses deviantart more then FA, but she will reply back, don't worry about that. Her main gallery and commision info is on her DA which should be linked.

    You can also never go wrong with;

    She's done art for me, Mikeru117, xdeadx, and BabyJake on here. She's pretty flexible and does decent babyfur work. Always seems to be willing to commision and is a reputable artist.

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    Really any furry artist in general. I'll check out those artists, thanks for your help!

    : )

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    Well, for general artists, I could run you down a list of my favs. I'm only gonna list ones that are usually open more often, and easy to work with.

    1. I've gotten a full body commision, as well as connecting icons from;
    Userpage of casparr -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    - easy to work with, fair prices, and amazingly quick worker.

    2. From my watch list;
    Userpage of eyanicarea -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    3. From my watch list;
    Userpage of furrfox -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    4. Guy on my watch list;
    Userpage of furrybob -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    5. One of the most awesomest 13 year old Estonian cartoony artists you'll ever meet;
    Userpage of greevixor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
    - Did a sketch for me, took her like 1 hour, only cost a few bucks, if you like cartoony type stuff, you will definitely need to check her out.

    The list could go on and on and on, if you'd like anymore lol, just message me and I'd be glad to list some more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aero View Post
    On a final note, who did you avatar? That's pretty damn sick x3
    Actually, I found it on google images, wish I could find the artist, but the links lead me nowhere.

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    Me :P

    Although I have quite a large backlog at the moment X3 x Aero's reccomended a LOT of good artists; a lot I didn't even know about!

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    How about me?

    I'm not the greatest, but I'll do it cheap! We'd have to negotiate prices though...

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    BenardFx he is awsome.

    <-------- look he made that
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    I'd be willing to do something for you! Although not a great artist, and my sanner is sucking right now, I can work something for you. I'm free!
    Userpage of bernardfx -- Fur Affinity [dot] net <---check it out

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    very nice, thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it

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