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    Hey Everyone,
    I just wanted to ask a question and see what everyone thought, Being a diaper lover as I know most of you are, I also enoy wearing diapers quite a bit, through my adventures in diapers I've had a few odd experiences. One definately being that sometimes while wearing the back of my diaper SPLITS OPEN! it's happened a hand ful of times and usually when I've been wearing for a while, I've had it happen alot when I'm wearing Kendals and now it's happened while I've worn Abenas I'm not sure why this is happening. I wanted to know if it's happened to any of you with your diapers and what the cause might be of it??


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    I've had this problem. I think once or twice with Abenas and Bambinos each. I think it ultimately comes down a problem in manufacturing. The plastic is too thin or something.

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    The seam of your pants could be rubbing through the back of your nappy/diaper causing a hole over extended amounts of time, there has been a thread about the same topic some time last year so if you have enough time you could find it and it has some solutions for this problem.

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    I have run into this a few times with different diapers. In part it could be a manufacturing defect, but I find it tends to happen when I tape the diaper on too tightly. The problem comes when you go to sit down and then lean forward--it will pull a bit across the backside of the diaper. With a diaper taped on so tightly, the plastic does not have enough 'give' and the point with the highest stress and/or the point where the weakest part of the diaper will finally be unable to hold.

    I've had this happen in just the first few minutes after putting on a diaper--the idea of the constant rubbing of seams from pants doesn't hold up in that situation.

    I have found that certain brands of diapers tend to use a plastic that allows more stretching before failure--Molicare Super Plus are very good for this. Infant diaper manufacturers know about this and elastic tapes with stretch are used to handle the variation through the wearing period. The problem with 'saggy' diapers comes when this stretching isn't elastic and the diaper stays larger than before. Now the fit is not as tight and the opportunity for the diaper to ride lower occurs. Even cloth diapers have this happen, which is part of the reason I've found using the Snappi to put my cloth night diapers on so nice: the Snappi is a stretchy elastic, allowing for minor variations as your body moves and the fabric stretches as well and in turn it helps keep the diaper on tightly.

    This was also part of the reason I enjoyed the first tapes that the Teddy Bambino diaper had. The flex meant they stayed in place much better through the day and did not have to be taped on as tightly to provide a good fit through the wearing period.

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