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Thread: *knock knock* Heya

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    Default *knock knock* Heya

    Hello everyone! I have seen this forum a few times and I finally decided to register and post.

    I am a DL.
    I am 21.
    I am a college student in Illinois.
    I am gay :P
    I enjoy reading, snowboarding, video games with friends (sometimes) and defiantly love coffee!

    In the past I have only tried Underjams, depends, goodnites, and the like. However, I just got my sample pack of diapers from ABU and i'm supper excited!

    Hope I get to know you soon!

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    so I heard you like the Enderverse and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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    Lolz, I told you I like to read! Funny thing is im not a fan of hitch hikers guide but i figured i would have to add a number to the username and it was the first thing i thought of :P

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    Choosing to put 42 in your username if you aren't a big fan of Hitchhiker's Guide is somewhat unfortunate ^^

    On a side-note, yeah, I love coffee :P How do you enjoy drinking it (yes, I will judge you by your response :P)? I am personally a fan of both lungo and americano (essentially two methods of preparing a diluted espresso), always black

    In any case, we don't bite (most of the time -_-), and I hope to see you around,


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    Coffee is like, my life source. Welcome to the forums ^^

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    Hello Ender. I am somewhat of a coffee snob myself. I have an espresso maker and a french press coffee maker for my regular coffee (brewed for 4 min at 200 deg then press!). So, what are you studying in college?

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    Near- I my favorite for a while now has been a black american, i prefer iced, some times a little raw sugar

    Myworl08- I am studying French!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender42 View Post

    I just got my sample pack of diapers from ABU and i'm supper excited!
    Supper- excited? Like Snoopy?

    OOOh, I notice Abu doesn't list plastic pants in the sample pack any more; did you get any? Do review the disposables you got; can you tell which is which? You could make a diaper talk thread... Oh, please also say how long you waited for your sample pack, and if you had any issues, or not with their service. - R~


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