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Thread: Special night diaper

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    Default Special night diaper

    Do you have some special diaper you always use when you sleep in diaper?

    I have a special diaper for the night.

    Forma care x-plus whit one booster. It is thick and can handle lots of pee.

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    For Nightime, I generally use a Molicare Super Plus with 2 Lille stuffer pads a treat!

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    Dry 24/7 is my night diaper. If I want it to be more thick, I add a Abena stuffer to it. Now thats waddle material

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    I wear Dry 24/7's too. I agree, when I add a stuffer it's super thick

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    Abena x-plus for me! Stupidly thick and absorbent!!!

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    For me it's the Abena Abri-Form X-Plus M4 for nighttime. Occasionally if I went to bed fairly late and have to get up early, I would wear my regular daytime diaper (Walgreen's Certainty) so that I don't have to waste the X-Plus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noodle View Post
    Huggies Size 6 Nightime Diapers =P
    25in hips?

    I don't have any special ones. Might buy some adult nappies soon though

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    I like to wear a bambino with a quadro pad or 2. Then over that I put an Attends with waistband size large. They come up high and over my bellybutton. Then I put on my onesie.

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