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Thread: Did you ever get wearing a diaper as a punishment and if so did you like it or hate it?

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    Default Did you ever get wearing a diaper as a punishment and if so did you like it or hate it?

    I ask this because well I know of the fact this one girl who moved away from her neglectful parents and into the house of a friend of hers, well her friend wears diapers due to bladder problems and this girl decided to try them and she decided she liked them.

    So to the point that this girl who decided she liked the diapers, would sometimes wet herself without diapers, so her friend's mom would punish her for that by making her wear diapers 24/7 for a week or so, and this girl actually liked the punishment of having to wear diapers 24/7, and I think her friend's mom figured that out too but her friend's mom is cool about a lot of stuff.

    Although it did initially appear possible this one girl might have bladder problems identical to what her friend has, of course this girl no longer gets the wearing diapers 24/7 punishment cause she has since decided on her own free will that she has to wear diapers 24/7.

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    I don't really understand this at all. You used 'this girl' to refer to both of them so it' very confusing.

    In response to the title, no, I didn't. Punishing people in that way is (in my opinion) a form of abuse and should never be done.

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    Thread closed!

    Almost certainly a false story, and even if true not the sort of thing we want on ADISC!
    You're old enough to know better!

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