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Thread: Stores not updating?

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    Default Stores not updating?

    Before I left for holiday break, I went to pick up some Goodnites. There were so many people that I knew in CVS that I went elsewhere. When I tried on these new goodnites I was like "what the hell?"

    Turns out they're the new newest designs, the ones with like... fully in color with the fake elastic band drawn the whole way around.

    Yesterday I picked some up from cvs and found that they were back to the previous design (which is a rather unfortunate backlash from the newer ones. They felt like paper.

    I assume cvs still has the older kind in stock and isn't about to loose money on those.

    anyone here of this anywhere else?

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    I think it's fairly common, especially if the store is in a small town or an area where they wouldn't sell many goodnites. A couple of years ago, I went to buy some goodnites in a store in Iowa, and found several packages of the early trim fit designs (i.e. the bmx designs).

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    That happened to me 6 months ago at Kmart. I always check now. But Target seems to be good to go. They just run out of XL all the time it seems.

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