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Thread: Republican response to rhetoric question

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    Default Republican response to rhetoric question

    Something that I've been wondering, and sense asking it in other places I've gotten similar results. Why is it we don't see any republicans talking about our we need to scale back on our current rhetoric and political culture? Representative Flake is the first I can remember coming out and saying that we do need to add some civility into our disagreements, the rest seem to be just saying to not blame them for the shooting, but nothing about the rhetoric coming from both parties.

    I understand them not wanting to be blamed for what they had nothing to do with, but still (as sad as it may be) the shooting and response gave us something to hopefully cool down the hate that gripped our entire political process. Yet the left seems to want to use it to mainly blame the right (at least they are talking about it though) and the right wants to ignore it. I've seen supporters go even farther, saying a cry for civility in debate/disagreement is saying you want agreement. Or by saying we should step back, means you want to ban people from free speech.

    So that is what I'm wondering, why does it seem like none of the right-wing commentators/politicians/supporters want things to be toned down? surely they cannot (well commentators might, as on both sides they'd rather yell and shout then be civil) think the current discourse is perfect?

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    commentators dont want to tone things down cause anger and hate sells. its all about money and influence for commentators mostly on the right side of the spectrum. i dont see the same level on the left side. when i say "sells" im referring to how it spreads but also to the millions of dollars that comes from advertising and sponsorships. they take full advantage of the inability of their listeners to think for them selfs......oh my gosh wilma rush is really angry at them damn mexicans again.....speaking of which that is the reason i cant find a im going to go kill me one"

    and you wonder why they hate educated people? to them all people who are educated are elitist and therefore socialist, communist, liberals who will take our guns, bibles, and money and make me sit next to a gay person in church....

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    Ha. Just try getting Rush Limbaugh and his friends to have a more civil disagreement. How do you think they make their profits?

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    I would have to agree. But the days of the conservative right 'toning it down' and the liberal left keeping their passive aggressive down are not going to happen any time soon. If only hate didn't sell as much, maybe we could actually have some progress instead of the constant stalemate tug of war we have been in for years.

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    The right-wing opinion shows cater to an audience that gobbles up exactly that type of incendiary rhetoric.

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    Whats the point, really? Politics in the US has always been a blood sport. Just over the past 20 years or so, the economy has been good enough for us proles to not care. As long as we simple minded folk have food on the table and American Idolon the boob tube, we're a happy and content people. When the economy tanks and we can't afford American Idol, we get visibly upset. Its not like we weren't before, we were just too busy feeding our 2.4 children and paying our variable rate mortgage on a horribly overpriced piece of property we call home that we probably can't afford in the first place.

    Bloody American politics isn't anything new.

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    It's not a question of money.

    It's a question of electoral votes. The Republicans got the shit kicked out of them in the '08 elections. This happened because the Republican base stayed home, as they were not enthusiastic about John McCain, whereas enough of the liberal base, youth, and African-Americans voted to overwhelm the five-point margin any Democratic candidate needs to overcome electronic voting machines and Republican secretaries-of-state that remove people from the voter rolls if they've gone through foreclosure (they challenge based on address) or if their name is printed on the voter roll with a non-important difference.

    In order to get the Republican base fired up, key Republican operatives created the Tea Party. Dick Armey is not a "concerned citizen". He was the Republican Majority Leader in the House of Representatives for years, and he, along with Newt Gingrich was one of the architects of the Contract with America back in the '90s. Yet, Dick Armey's Freedom Works group is one of the key groups bankrolling the Tea Party stuff. When you have a television network (Fox News) actively promoting the events and allowing their key personalities to host those events, that means they are in support of those events.

    Let's be perfectly clear on this: Republicans *need* their base walking the very fine line between so angry they want to destroy the government and actually attacking the government. When the Republican base is disinterested, Democrats win. When a majority of people vote, liberals win every time. The only way Republicans can combat that is to depress voter turnout (read up on the Southern Strategy) amongst the young and blacks while making their own base so angry at the young and blacks that they'll overwhelm them in elections.

    Every time we see the rhetoric from the right get ramped up like this, we get a similar result. In the '90s, those militia guys listened to right-wing radio and blew up the building in Oklahoma City. The right-wing rhetoric was incredibly violent leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Sadly, there are key power players that realize trafficking in violent rhetoric and flat-out lies helps them electorally.

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    I came across this one last week: ThinkProgress Scarborough On Giffords Shooting: ‘Is This Not A Time For People, Like Sarah Palin…To Apologize?’ so I can't say I haven't seen it. I'd like to see more civility and fewer straw men...while I'm wishing, I'll ask for a pony.

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    the problem is the use of the word rhetoric is indeed rhetoric in itself. Its a non-commonly used word assigned to this issue. Much like the word embolden. The shooter was obviously unstable, but to say, as some have, that he might have been motivated because he saw the congresswomen depicted in crosshairs, well he would still be crazy. The problem is not the use of rhetoric in general (that would be absurd) or even in using violent rhetoric (think about sports) the problem is that we need better mental health programs.

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