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    Hello I am a 20 year old male university student and I wet the bed pretty much every night until I was 18 when I finally became dry. However I have recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic disease which stops me from having control of the left side of my body. It is being treated giving me back almost all my control except in a few minor short lasting attacks but a side effect of the treatment has been urinary incontinence, which means that I have not just gone back to wetting at night but I now have multiple wetting accidents during the day as well. This is embarrassing for me as it feels like I have gained control of one part of my body to lose it in another and I thought I had finished with nappies when I stopped wetting the bed at 18. I have confided in my two female housemates who have been sympathetic.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Sammi,

    What is happening to you is most unfortunate. I really hope that you will be able to regain control of your bladder asap.
    You certainly gave us a comprehensive overview of the reason you came here, however you didn't tell us much about yourself save for your gender and your age. We don't need to know details that could be used to identify you, but knowing stuff like the kind of music you're into or what hobbies you have would allow us to get to know you better. We honestly tend to care about the person in the diaper much, much more that we do about the diaper ^^.
    It would also be very, very appreciated if you used comas, as they would make your posts more pleasant to read (seriously, comas are awesome).

    Anyway, I hope you stick around. This really is a great community (even tough we can be a little intimidating for new members -_-) and I'm sure we'll get along well


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    Sorry, the post was pretty much the basics, followed by just a blurt of everything that really embarrasses me. You will find that normally me and commas; and other punctuation in general; are better acquainted. I'm interested in design and outdoor extreme sports. My music and film tastes are varied; depending on the mood I am in at that moment; most of the time even I don't know what type of songs I want to listen to, right up until they are gracing or disturbing my eardrums. At the moment I am still very much coming to terms with everything and trying to sort out what works for me and doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    (seriously, comas are awesome).
    :O :p X3 x Welcome Sammi! you seem like a very interesting person and I hope ADISC can be of help to you!

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