I'm looking all over, and for the first time I wanted to try something, but put my own special spin of style on it.

I LOVE designer brands. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, D&G, Burberry, Dior, I love them all. Mostly Vuitton.

So I had this idea... I found an outlet that sells designer fabrics for relatively inexpensive. Since it would be rather uneconomical and astronomically expensive to have disposable diapers created in the image of these designer brands, I've turned to cloth... This seems the only way to get this done, but I made a promise to someone!

This isn't the only place that I've looked around for, I'm asking on other websites too, but I was hoping to find someone here who is reputable who makes cloth diapers (snap-button attaching hopefully!), whom I could send some of this fabric to, and have them use the fabric as backing for some custom-made, super chic designer cloth diapers <3 Would be a TOTAL dream come true.

I am ordering some Vuitton fabric, and Gucci fabric (for a friend). I still need to know how much is needed, doing a little designing of my own with that, so hopefully I'll have some drawings or ideas when someone can help me I'm willing to pay top dollar for these custom diaper-pants...

Please feel free to PM me if you know someone, or if you are someone who can help me! I'm still on the hunt! *grabs my binoculars and hides in the bushes*