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Thread: Need to get rid of mice... No luck...

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    Default Need to get rid of mice... No luck...

    I'm having issues with mice as of late and I am running out of options. As some of you know I still live with my parents (I know... laugh it off), so in order to deal with them the only real solution (that they will accept) is to set traps and block any point of entry. Unfortunately the mice have been avoiding the traps and are beginning to become a huge problem. We use glue traps and are baiting them with everything we know mice love (peanut butter, cheese whiz, the pumpkin bars they got into, etc) but nothing seems to work. They seem to leave my stash alone, but stored used ones are a different story. I could shower, come back and the bag is already chewed through (approx. 20min) and that's a real problem. I would greatly appreciate ideas short of calling an expert that will effectively trap mice (dead or alive) so that I can remove them from the house.

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    Poison the diapers is what id do, put something on it that will KILL the rat. Personally if I saw one I would throw an M-80 into it's hole. Or I'd shoot the little fuck with a cork or rubber shot. Of course though you Probably dont have a spud cannon or an M-80 so buy some RAt poison and soak whatever the little buggers are going for with it.

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    Rats are attracted to used diapers, but not dry ones? Gosh those things are creepers ^^.

    I guess the best tip I would have for you is to buy a small thrash can that has a lip, that way it will be very difficult for the rats to get to them (just make sure to wash it often so the smell doesn't set in). The thing with rat poison is that it's, well, poison and thus not something to be handled casually. Anyway, good luck getting rid of those pesky rodents. I've never had rats in my house but we had to deal with both mice and ants in the past, and its not fun

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    Glue boards are a fine way to catch mice. Place them along walls rather than out in the open, as mice tend to run along baseboards.

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    A cat would probably be the best way of removing mice, but I assume that getting (or even borrowing) a cat is not an option?

    If the traps aren't working, then perhaps try a different sort of trap and see if that works. Put the trap in a place you know they are likely to visit, ideally next to a wall as animals are likely to stay close to the wall, rather than run into the middle of an open space, to remain safe. Are you sure that you have mice, and not rats? If you have rats then you will need to use a trap especially designed for rats, being as how they are larger and stronger. Rats are smarter too, and it is usually recommended that you first lay out a trap which is not set so that they become used to it and learn that it is safe, thus they learn it is not dangerous, and then after a few days set the trap and it has more chance of catching them, as they are not trying to avoid it. Even if it is mice you are dealing with, the same may work.

    If they are attracted to your used diapers, then you could try poisoning the diapers or putting a trap amongst the diapers. Otherwise, I would say that you need to try and avoid leaving anything attractive to the mice (diapers, food etc) where they can reach it, as it will encourage them to keep coming back to your home. Try to find out where the mice are getting into your home or individual rooms, and try to block those areas off. Keep all food in wall-mounted cupboards, and if possible sealed inside chew-proof containers (eg: tins, jars). Don't leave anything you know is attractive to them (including used diapers) where they can get to it. Vacuum regularly to get rid of any crumbs etc that might have fallen.

    We had rats in my house last year, and after following all of the advice we were given we still could not get rid of them, and they seemed to be wise to all of our traps. Often the traps would be gone off and the food gone, but nothing had been caught. In the end we had to get an expert in, he put down super-strength poison and this seemed to do the job. You may be able to buy poison without the need to call in an expert, although if you have pets or young children in the house you may want to consider whether it is safe. As I have a cat (the rats were behind the cupboards where she couldn't get to them) we decided to get an expert in as they were able to lay the poison properly and ensure it was pet-safe. If you do buy poison then you can lace areas or foods you know they will go for, and some poisons are attractive to the mouse/rat on their own so there is no need to hide them in food. Bear in mind though that if the mice are actually living in your house, and not just visiting it, then the poison will take a while to work and might result in them dying under floorboards or in other areas where you cannot get to them to remove the corpses. A short while later you will have the smell of this to deal with, and this may be followed by a fly infestation.

    Therefore, before going down the poison route I would try again with another type of trap, that way you know they are not dying somewhere within your home. If you choose to try a humane trap which catches the mice alive then bear in mind that you will need to drive the mice some distance away from your home to release them to ensure they don't find their way back into your house - ideally release them somewhere away from any homes so that you do not pass the problem onto anybody else.

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    Get a cat, and in a week they will all be gone, a cat is the best exterminator that you can get. Anyone who has a cat knows that.

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    peanut butter with the humane traps seems to work, glue boards with the PB in the smack dab middle. There are some glue traps that fold up to a tube, these will force the mice to enter the tube to get the bait. The only problem with the poison is that they die in your walls....when they die, it smells like a poopy diaper

    Now with the humane traps they stay alive for a little bit, then i just drown the things in the trash can.

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    This is going to sound really odd, but I have a couple of ferrets and have never had mice in here at all. I think it's because ferrets are weasels and weasels are natural predators of any rodent. So I honestly think that the funky ferret odor they get at times help keep the rodents away.

    If that fails, try catnip. Mice, and I think rats, usually hate the smell of it. I'm not sure why, but it's true for mice at least. I had a pet one that I used to give jingly cat toys to and one of the balls I gave him had catnip in it and he would go out of his way to stay away from it. I figured out what was wrong and took it away and he was fine.

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    Am i really that much of a pest >O_O<

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDdl View Post
    Get a cat, and in a week they will all be gone, a cat is the best exterminator that you can get. Anyone who has a cat knows that.
    This, if you really can.
    Used to have a some-what bad mouse problem before we adopted out cat, and sense then, we have barely seen one.
    If ya can't, I suppose my best guess is to put your used diapers in something they can't physically get to.
    Maybe an enclosed box of hard plastic? I use something like that for mine, and I don't think they can chew through that.
    And if not that: glue traps. Those things work amazingly to keep rats out of certain areas.

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