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Thread: Abena X-plus, Tranquility ATN

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    Question Abena X-plus, Tranquility ATN

    Who has tried these?
    Which is noisier?
    How many people told there parents and get changed by option or by force from parents?

    Anything else I need to know about these diapers?

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    Being forced or asking a parents is all fantasy.

    Abena is the best one to go for. Thats what most will say.

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    There's probably almost no people out there that are being changed by their parents that are only TB/DL and are not incontinent. Even if she accepts you as being a TB, it does not mean she will be willing to change you, or even buy you diapers. Odds of her being willing to change you are pretty slim. If thats almost the only reason you want to tell your mom your a TB, then personally I'd suggest you not tell her.

    The only reason I was changed occasionally by my parents growing up was because I was having incontinence issues and had a hard time doing it myself because I have cerebral palsy.

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    The Abri X-plus is thicker and more absorbant... but the Tranquility ATN is probably the more crinkley of the two.

    As far as getting changed by a parent... unless you are truely IC and need help I doubt it would ever happen.

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    You need to learn fantasy from reality...Oh and to stop posting your email address...We have spots for you to post it, and people will email/IM, you there if they want to...

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    i was just wondering if this stuff is true about changing

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