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    Default Greatest Day Ever!

    So in about 1 week, I am going to have the greatest day of my life. Starts early Saturday morning, Going over to my friends house to have a Disney movie party! All day nothing but Disney movies + 1 Disney/Pixar (UP)

    I get to watch some movies that I have not seen in years
    Robin Hood
    Oliver and Company
    Emperor's New Groove

    So many more!!!! I cannot wait! The really funny thing is, my friends see it as a joke movie day, watching kids movies is how they refer to it. I see it as watching some of the greatest movies ever made!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrawberryRaven View Post
    So lucky!!! Ugh, watch Sleeping Beauty for me, will ya?
    That I can do : )

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    I love UP! and old school Disney is great :P

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