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Thread: Greetings from the prince of shadows. *bows elegantly*

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    Default Greetings from the prince of shadows. *bows elegantly*

    Hello one, hello all,

    I am shadowprince, an AB/DL and a daddy all packed into one person. I am generally about pleasing others in the sense everything from the kind of conversation one prefers to what kind of person people wish me to be and more.

    You could say that I am a man of a thousand or more masks and shapes.

    I am from the frigid north, where we get at least three blizzards a year.

    Feel free to send me a message or chat with me as you see fit.



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    Hi, Shadowprince!
    Any chance that you're also a member of DA?
    If so, i'm sure you'll recognize me by my username... It's the same... kind of.
    Anyways, just wanted to say hi!, so: Hi!

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    Hi there shadowprice, welcome to ADISC.

    What sorts of hobbies do you have? Any quirky interests or collections?

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    I woulda preferred the Fresh Prince of Shadows, but I guess you'll do.

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