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Thread: Diaper Punishment in real adult life???

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    Default Diaper Punishment in real adult life???

    i got a new thread idea...
    how would it work instead of going to prison have diaper punishment
    there would be plastic pants with a lock and camera on it, and it would unlock when you need to change...and you would have no choice and wear 2/47 until a specific can still do your normal everyday activites, ]
    But, you would wear. imagine how would it feel to non ab/dl/people, that would show people to obey the law...
    just a thought...

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    I'd prefer to see mass murderers in prison rather than running around the street stinking to high heaven.


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    No...Just no...Too many reasons to even collect together and put in a comprehensible paragraph or two...

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    There is a story online floating around called "Janet's Diaper". Futuristic... very adult oriented... but along the same lines. I'll give a basic synopsis.

    In a future time the world is controlled by a military government. As a result of many wars, famine, and disease the population has dwindled... so the government forces all female criminals to have a child for the state.

    Enter Janet... the main character. An upstanding office girl who is framed for embezzlement by her boss. Janet is arrested, tried, and sentenced. While in prison all inmates are kept in diapers to keep them from tampering with their genitals and the pregnancy process.

    Adult content... yadda yadda...

    Janet gets out of prison... but has now become addicted to diapers. Her new boyfriend is a high ranking military officer and together they dig up the proof that Janet is innocent and that her former boss framed her. So to turn the tables they have him arrested and thrown in diapers as punishment.

    I've got the story downloaded and archived somewhere on my backup drive. But odds are if you search around you can probably find it.

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    I think it would be an interesting idea because that might be hell for them but I have to say that this wouldn't work.

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    It also reminds me of this: By Court Order - DailyDiapers Boards & Chat (not too dissimilar from the one that DF has summarized)

    How would it work, you ask?

    Well... you'll see all of the DLs (at least the ones into forced submission...) running around committing murders and robberies just to ensure themselves a life of forced diapering

    It'd work amazingly..... in a Deeker story.

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    So you would rather have a criminal crap themselves a lot rather than go to jail? I mean, I just don't see that as justice... How is that going to hell at all?... I mean if the only punishment was diapers, crime wouldn't seem so bad... I mean, diapers are something you can even hide! I just prefer criminals in some kind of correctional facility rather than walking around society. Your idea just makes NO sense...

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    It wouldn't work, now mabey if you gave them only 1 diaper every week and forced them to stay in a soiled diaper for a week, but then that could be considered as a crime against humanity, so it wouldn't work either way.

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    I mean after you got used to it, would it even be all that bad.

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