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    Smile Hello!

    I'm never one for introduction posts. I've been a member here for awhile, and i've kept from posting because i'm quite shy .

    But anyways I've been interested in abdl culture since I was a younger boy. And enjoyed forums like these that are setup for like minded people to interact with each other. But as for me besides the diapers and such, you can usually find me writing (not stories sadly), playing video games, or working out. I like to keep myself healthy in both my body and mind so I do enjoy meditating aswell. I look forward to hopefully contributing to this board

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    Hello EerieEel,

    Welcome to Adisc! I like your name - always nice to throw a little alitteration into the mix!

    What kind of video games do you play? Personally I am not a big fan of video games, although there are some I really enjoy. I love The Sims, although haven't played The Sims 3 yet, but I get horribly addicted to games so I try and avoid playing them where possible! I also have very little co-ordination and struggle to use a joystick or controller for most consoles - if it involves moving the character in 3D directions, rather than just up, down, left and right for some reason I just seem to end up running in circles! But anyway, there are lots of avid gamers here so I'm sure there will be someone else on the forum to chat games with should you wish - have you seen the groups area yet? There are lots of groups relating to games (as well as loads of other things) which you may wish to take a look at: Groups -

    You say you don't write stories, may I ask what you do enjoy writing? Other creative forms of writing (poetry, song lyrics) or things like essays or critical analysis' etc (not that those can't be creative!). Anyway, I look forward to reading some of your contributions to the board.


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    I enjoy first person shooters, rpg's, and sports games the most out of all the games I own. As for writing I write mostly song lyrics but sometimes I can't seem to fit it into a proper song so I turn it into a poem.

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