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    So, I finally got fed up with feeling like I was suppressing my DL side and hiding it from my girlfriend. I havent worn diapers in 3 or 4 years and I was going crazy. So I decided to tell my girlfriend of 2 years. I planned out what to say for several days and realized I could never say it in person because I would be too nervous and probably sweat, stutter, and then barf from nerves. So I wrote her a long letter and made sure she knew that I wasn't breaking up with her haha she got really upset when I said I needed to tell her something that has been on my mind and I handed her my computer and said, "just read it". And after about 5 minutes of her reading and me burying my face in a pillow in complete disbelief at what I had just done, the first thing she said was, "sure, you can have diapers". And over the next couple days she wanted to know more about it; when I first noticed my feelings about wanting diapers, what they made me feel that made me want to wear them, and a whole bunch more questions. (She's a psychology major) And she told me to pick out which ones I wanted to try first. (I wore goodnites throughout highschool with an off and on bedwetting issue, so I was already pretty well aquainted with pull-ups) I chose to go with CVS: Day & Night briefs. When we got to the store I told her I was too nervous to buy them myself, so she went in with me, picked them up, carried them to the register, and paid for them (With my money of course). It was like a dream come true!

    She's tossed a few jokes my way, called me diaper boy a few times but its all in good fun. I feel like I've been holding my breath for so long and now I've finally come to the surface for air, and it's so relieving! She lets me wear them, to bed every night, under the condition that if we have sex it has to be before the diaper gets put on because she can't "have sex with someone who just took off a diaper to put on a condom" which is totally understandable haha. This is like ahh, I can't even describe it! Now she thinks she might eventually want to try one on, and she wants to put them on me and take them off in the morning. She's not ok with me wetting them yet but that's ok. I'll take what I can get!

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    Welcome to the club, I told my wife 5 years ago and she's been cool with ever since.

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    I can only hope to be as lucky as you some day ej24 and knightrider =D congrats!

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    Told my wife about it a year ago. Now she wears them and even has her own "stash" of her sizes.

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    I told my wife well at the time she whas my girlfriend at the time and it turned out that she whas a AB to. now we are happily marred.

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    It's always refreshing to hear a positive 'I told someone' story. Good for you

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    I told my wife about two years ago and at first it was rough but a couple of months ago she finally came around. Now on occasion she surprises me and wears them herself and she's on a quest to find her favorite diaper.

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    Welcome to the club of acceptance. I told my best friend about a year and a half ago and we have been better friends ever since we spilled our most kept secrets to each other that day Always a good memory to have.

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    I just recently told my girlfriend of 3 months. It didn't go as good as I hoped but we are still together and she told me she accepted me but didn't want to be around the diapers. Maybe one day she will come around. I hope.

    Good job on telling her.

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