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Thread: What is your Religious background/experience with religion? PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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    Default What is your Religious background/experience with religion? PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

    Alright I don't like talking about religion at this place. It's a touchy subject which leads many people to get negative reputation all around. There is no right or wrong answer or any such things. So I want to keep this mature and make not of everyone's feelings. Keep things civilized and insults to zero. If you cannot do this then please don't post.

    NOTE TO MODS: Lock this at first sight of things getting ugly.

    Alright now on to the topic at hand, I like to consider myself a member of the adisc community. (I think I am?) so I would like to better understand my fellow adiscians. I've noticed how religion is always a touchy subject. Many people get offended easily by the mere stating of your religion/sect. Weather it be Christians or Atheist or Budist or anything else. people get touchy. With good reason I mean religion is rather important to who we are and often defines how we portray one selves and act with others.

    Since adisc is a support community I feel that it should support people, not persecute them for their beliefs. But I'm wondering why is it that people get persecuted? What has religion done to you? Or rather what life experiences have caused you to be so cynical and bitter and closed your mind to different ideals and ways of worship (or lack of worship).

    With that I feel like it would better help the community if we knew a bit of background about one another, if you feel like sharing post your story. I feel like this could ease some of that tension and better understand one another. So I'll start. I'll keep my story in spoiler tags to make the topic shorter initially or for those who care.

    so if you read that congrats. You now know in greater detail who I am. I could had easily been an atheist. So that's why knowing why someone is so offended by certain religion or so closed minded towards certain things is important. We know the end result but not the context, I believe knowing the context is much more important. I could help us be more sensitive towards ourselves and be able to be a bit more free with our speeches or rants. I don't claim to be that good of a person. Hell I'm not really any better then anyone else. I'm selfish and lustfull, I sometimes view people as tools to get what I want. But at the same times I do care about my tools. I'm an odd one and I personally feel like I'm not that good of a person. But people tend to just love me and my "helpful" personality. (I guess they love the fact that I don't charge for fixing electronics?)

    So the TL: DR version.

    Why has religion done to you? Why has it shaped your believes the way it has? Sharing this could help the community out and we could understand one another better and support one another. Maybe help other members not feel as prosecuted?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've had quite a bit of religious experience -- some good, some bad, some life-changing.

    My mom was a guilt-Catholic and was a lifetime alcoholic. She was only ever sober for Mass on Sundays. My dad was a Baptist (yeah, great marriage from the start, right?) who was an adulterous sexual psychopath. I grew up thinking God hated me because I was so often subjected to emotional/physical/sexual abuse.

    I went through an Assemblies of God phase in college and tried to pray my way out of being gay. It didn't work. I'm ashamed to say that in college I was one of the most anti-gay, hateful, homophobic individuals anyone was likely to meet. It was all about trying to find some way to become acceptable to God. I didn't like myself... at all. Ironically, I was booted from the Assemblies of God church because I had a dissociative disorder (apparently, the church viewed mental illness as a symptom of having insufficient faith).

    I came out of the closet and became an Episcopalian. I did a year of Education of Ministry and had planned on trying to become a priest. By this time, I had (for the most part) come to terms with my sexuality. I dropped the bigotry and homophobia. I tried to live my life as a blessing to others.

    I started having difficulty with Christianity after a profound period of darkness in which I almost became homeless and my priest and EVERY Christian I knew turned their back on me. Every last one with no exceptions. I got told "God is judging you" and I got told to read up on Lot. I was hungry, had no meds, was two weeks away from getting evicted in the middle of winter, and I couldn't get even a loaf of bread from my "Brothers and Sisters in Christ" in my deepest hour of need.

    My difficulty with Christianity grew when, in 2000, the anti-gay rhetoric from the Christian Right went into overdrive. The Christian majority spent hundreds of millions of dollars in tax-free donations to put gays into "second class" status. I grew weary of hearing about how people like me were "immoral" and were "abominations before God" -- especially when I looked into my past and knew for a fact that my most hurtful, most hateful, most un-Christlike behavior was happening during the years I was attempting to be straight.

    I learned about Wicca and found that the Wiccan belief system more closely matched what I felt to be correct about God -- that God was everywhere, loving, life-sustaining, and accepting. With the change to Wicca, my mental health has improved immeasurably. I no longer have to take prescription anti-depressants. I no longer self-mutilate because I feel unworthy before God. It was when I became Wiccan that I was finally able to get the sense that I was loved and worthy.

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    I was baptized Catholic, however, have ever only been to Mass twice in my life. Both times in early childhood.

    I been to several Lutheran/Non-Denominational services when I was in Boy Scouts.

    While my experience with religious services throughout my life wasn't entirely distasteful and even though I learned a lot from them, I just felt that they weren't for me. I still felt somewhat empty inside, and through a certain number of misadventures, I finally found something that worked.

    Now, I worship God in my own way and that is through my individual actions and through my deep personal connection with nature. About once or twice a year I go up into the wilderness alone and away from civilization to take in the natural beauty that surrounds. It is quite peaceful and let's me view my life and the world from a different perspective. With no church to stand behind and no sect to adhere to, I personally feel I have achieved some sort of spiritual fullness within myself. I finally feel at peace. Life is simple and I couldn't be happier.

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    My parents were never religious while I was growing up. My grandparents were Christians until my grandma died. Then when my grandpa remarried he became Mormon. The most interaction I had with religion in general was going to church for funerals, going to church because I was visiting friends, going to a church sponsored summer program because churchy stuff aside it was fun.

    Throughout that time I was pestered over and over to accept Christ as my savior and to give money to the church. It really bugged me. To the point that I would argue against any and all major religions.

    Finally I stopped caring about religion as a whole. However, I was researching and learning about the major world religions just so I could find points that I didn't agree with or that made no sense, so that I could debate on them.

    Eventually I ran across Paganism, which was such a vast umbrella term that I was in awe. That led me to finding out about Wicca. After a few years of research, I found a guy who was running an open circle. I decided to attend and finally found a place that resembled what I thought religion should be. I was originally initiated Alexandrian, Now I'm working with a group that does a lot of world wide sponsoring and support for Pagans and Wiccans who are in the military.

    I love it, but to every person their own and who am I to say otherwise. I have no problem with any religion anymore, except when other people try to convert me.

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    It's hard for me to pin this all down for you all.

    I was never particularly religious at all. My grandparents were on my fathers side, and indeed my grandmother still is. Her living room is plastered with religious items. I tried going to church, I even went to a Baptist school for a while in middle school. My problems arose because I am inquisitive by nature. I just asked too many questions and got unsatisfactory answers.

    When I challenged those answers I found that people did not like it. I couldn't fathom a group of people who disliked learning and the truth since it was something that was held in such high esteem. Then I figured out that what they liked was -their- truth. The version of it that they liked.

    After that I had no further contact with religion until high school, when I decided that I wanted to know what the big deal was with all of the different religions. I researched like crazy, read all kinds of books about it and decided that I didn't particularly like any of them. Although the ones I liked best were the ones like Wicca, where there was more emphasis on just being good and that god was in everything around you. Then I got online and found out what a Chick Tract was and I seriously began to dislike the 'Crazy Christians'. Please note, that's not calling all Christians crazy. I also began running into more terrible examples from all of the major religions and I finally just washed my hands of them all.

    So I put myself into the atheist camp. I didn't have a god and I didn't want one. That doesn't mean I want to turn everyone else into an atheist, either. There are a lot of people who are misguided about what an atheist actually is and what they actually aim to do.

    And then about a year or two ago I came across Pastafarianism. So I joined the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster since a. I love pasta in all of it's starchy goodness and b. I love pirates. The only thing that could have made it better was if there were Fantastic Floating Ferrets of Forgiveness. (and there might one has documented them yet.) Yes, it's a parody religion, but for me it makes about as much sense as most of the others. And it's more fun because, since it is in parody, the adherents get to do bizarre things and giggle about them at the same time.

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    My parents were just barely religious. I did go to Sunday school for a couple of years when I was quite young, but it was more to do with the fact that we were living in a quiet village and everybody went to church on a Sunday. Frankly, the accusation that the Church of England is a slightly conservative middle-class social club does have some truth behind it. I suppose I grew up in an environment that was vaguely Christian-leaning, but only by default. I don’t think I ever made a deliberate decision to disbelieve, I just rarely felt spiritual urges, and when I did, I saw no particular reason to connect them to any particular religious doctrine.

    In general terms, I’d probably describe myself as an apatheist. I do not deny the possibility of God or Gods, and I am open to the idea that there is a “First Cause” or “Great Architect”, but if it does exist, I don’t believe that takes any day-to-day interest in the affairs of man, so I had best live my life as if it doesn’t exist.

    As far as the Abrahamic God is concerned, I’d probably describe myself as a misotheist, if hate wasn't rather too strong a word. On the basis of the available evidence, I simply do not believe him to be worthy of worship.

    I believe very strongly that wanting something to be true is never, ever a good reason for believing it to be true. I know religion can be a comfort, but it’s a comfort I will always deny myself, no matter how low I’m feeling. For me, faith is a denial of human reason. Things are either true or they aren’t, if they are true, there should be direct evidence of them.

    Having said that, Pastafarianism has always somewhat appealed to my inner Monty Python fan…

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    My parents were both Catholic, and I was baptized as such when I was born. (Funny thing here; My brother wasn't and he desperately wants to, while his probably future-demon sister has hated the prospect of it since she was 13.) My father was the first reason I started to dislike a 'peaceful' God. (Nope, I don't see Good and Bad. I use Discordianism as one of my main philosophies in life, so I strictly adhere to the words order and disorder. Not to mention my sliding greyscale of humanity.) He was an adulterous psychopathic abuser, and often told me that 'God wanted him to beat us', mostly because my brother was unbaptized and because I started to become sexually interested (in both boys and girls) at 11. (His fault for leaving the porn out.)

    When I was 13, I started looking into 'alternate' religions behind my parents' backs. I was Wiccan until I turned 18 and just decided that I was Pagan, because I was a clusterfuck of everything. And then my dreams started going crazy and the world fucked me over a few times, so I started questioning everything again. Yes, it was like a second puberty. At the beginning of 2010, I found something that made me crave chaos. I wanted everything to do with it, so I ended up reading deeply into the occult and urban legends, eventually saying 'Y'know what? Fuck this, I'm earning myself a place in some sort of sick purgatory.' And I did exactly that. Now I'm very happy because I damn well know that I can be neutral and fuck shit up after I die. (Ps: No, my mother knows nothing about me practically selling my soul to chaos, and my father has no contact with our family. But she does know that I'll probably die before her to prevent the other half of my heart from being eaten away by a festering wound that I'm forced to live with.)

    As for why I dislike the concept of religion? Well, people seem to take it much too seriously. It's 'my way or the highway' with them. Not to mention the hatred that's added in fine print. I'm fine if you're Christian, Jewish, Muslim... I just have an issue with hatred. Even in my chaotic mind, hating somebody who has done nothing wrong is never right. I do, indeed, take something in from each religion I read of, but I keep love in my heart. (Yes, even though that love is chaotic and probably crazy.) I respect death more than I do life, and I'm just... happy that I know what I do.

    tl;dr: Most religions find some group to hate and they're hypocritical half the time, so I took my fate/soul into my own hands. Feels good, man.

    Oh, and for the record, I think that the quote for the Bible about 'not lying with men' or whatever is more like 'Don't sleep in the same bed as your bro; He'll probably take all your covers.' (Pftttt. I know, I'm so serious.)

    *High fives Dragsnick, because the whole 'Christianity is about being nice' concept is what I'm pretty sure Jesus would want. After all, why would his original followers have been a rag tag bunch of misfits if the religion was about shunning others? Seriously, if a chaotic neutral Luciferian is saying this... Then I don't even fuckin' know, man.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    *High fives Dragsnick, because the whole 'Christianity is about being nice' concept is what I'm pretty sure Jesus would want. After all, why would his original followers have been a rag tag bunch of misfits if the religion was about shunning others? Seriously, if a chaotic neutral Luciferian is saying this... Then I don't even fuckin' know, man.*
    Couldn't agree more. Christ's teachings are actually a pretty sound basis for an ethical philosophy. It just seems to me that they get overshadowed by his death and resurrection, which IMHO, are absolutely irrelevant to the message that he supposedly spent most of his life spreading.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    *High fives Dragsnick, because the whole 'Christianity is about being nice' concept is what I'm pretty sure Jesus would want. After all, why would his original followers have been a rag tag bunch of misfits if the religion was about shunning others? Seriously, if a chaotic neutral Luciferian is saying this... Then I don't even fuckin' know, man.*
    Why thank you. And odd thing is you have the concept of it down. XD Yet you're not part of the religion. I find it ludicrous that churches (Catholic,Baptist,Protestant) sometimes wage little "wars" within themselves. For God sakes Jesus was a hippy by today standards. He accepted everyone. He hung out with whores,thieves, and all the other stuff. So WTF? Why has it evovled into " Oh this is our exclusive club" or "You can only talk to people within the church" WTF?! What kind of shit is that? That's completly the opposite of what he wanted.

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    I've ran into several religion people who either make hateful remakes, or disown me completely because I do not believe in that one God they believe in.

    "You're atheist? We believe in God in this classroom!" -Some bitch named Morgan.
    "Atheist? What are you, an idiot?" -An old friend.

    I met a friend, Nate is his name, who over time slowly turned me from someone who believes in a deity, to an agnostic, to an atheist. His words made sense, and his reasoning made sense. I tend to avoid religion discussion in person, mainly because I never know how Mr. Opposite Side will react.

    It's not that I dislike religion, I mean if it helps you through life then have it. I simply dislike many of the followers of any religion, because of how they view my non-religious mindset.

    I live in a religious family, I'm basically smothered by it. Whether it's listening to my dad rant on about how "dumb atheists are", or it's my mom talking about spirituality.

    We don't attend church, we simply sit back and say "I don't need to prove my religion to anyone." Or.. that's what I used to say.

    I'll battle side-by-side atheism to the death, if so called for...

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