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Thread: Sleeping with a teddy causing unneeded commotion...

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    Default Sleeping with a teddy causing unneeded commotion...

    Well, I got myself a stuff animal (a wolfie I call Iris), and its causing a bit of a commotion with my roommate and best friend. She believes that I cling to it because I'm attracted with the person that helped me get it. I wanted to avoid any AB awkwardness, and simply told her that it was a gift from him. The problem with that is the person she believes I'm attracted to is asexual, and that I'm gonna be broken if I attach myself to him emotionally.

    I wanna tell her that I just enjoy sleeping with a stuffed animal. (I think I did one time, but she didn't believe me.) It's just this commotion is unnecessary, especially with all the other stress I've been having as of late.

    Feels a little awkward to ask here as well, since the person in question (the asexual) is the one that introduced me to AB/BF, and will admit, is someone I'm a tad attached to as well. It feels a bit complicated. -__-;

    So, here asking others for a little advice or opinions on the matter?

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    Tell her you cling to it because its a gift from a close friend, and that you don't have any romantic feelings towards that friend. Hopefully that would be enough to get her to drop it...

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    Well, essentially it shouldn't really be any of your roommates concern why you choose to sleep with the plushie, but it sounds like she is concerned because she is genuinely worried you will get hurt, rather than just because she feels she needs to have a say on the matter.

    I would just sit down with her and have a brief chat with her about it, you don't need to make it a big deal. But just tell her that you really like the stuffed animal because it is a gift from your friend, and therefore it is something you cherish like any gift. Tell her that you care for this friend dearly, but that you know he is assexual and aren't trying to attach yourself emotionally, or at least, in a non-platonic way. Then admit that in addition to liking it initially because it is a gift, you like having something to cuddle in bed, and as silly as it may sound are actually becoming attached to the plushie because it is nice and comforting moreso than because of it's origins. Try and stress that although you like it because it was a gift, now you are just coming to like it because it is a soft wolf plushie that feels comfortable to cuddle with. As you said, all the commotion is unneeded, so hopefully admitting that you're sleeping with it because you enjoy it, and not because it remind you of your friend, will satisfy her.

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    Well ultimately it comes down to two roads here.

    On one hand you could tell her about your ab side if you think this is an accepting friend.

    And in the other you could just tell her repeatedly that you just enjoy sleeping with it, it makes you feel safe.

    Or mess with her and tell her that you are desperately in love with this guy and are holding onto everything he has ever thrown away...

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    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, or in this case a plush wolf. I'd advise your friend that while you are touched by her concern, who or what you sleep with is your own business and the amateur psychology isn't necessary. This advice assumes you aren't a shut-in, clutching your wolf and avoiding a regular social life. If it's just a thing you sleep with, it's just that.

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    If she really needs to know, and you feel you need to justify yourself, just tell her. It isn't a big deal. My wife, who is in no way an AB, sleeps with a stuffed animal, and even takes it with her when traveling on business trips. She even took it offshore when she went out to the North Sea a few times.

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    yeah no one looks at me weird for sleeping with a stuffed animal. I'd just tell them that you really like sleeping with it and it nice to snuggle with! I know I love snuggling with plush Cthulhu!

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    Thanks for all the comments, and I'll take it to advice. I got a good idea how I'll deal with it if it comes up again. The more "I enjoy sleeping with it, so *stick tongue out*" ... but maybe not so childish about it. <__<

    If it was a plushie Cthulhu, I don't think any questions would've been asked. XD

    Thanks again for all the responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyHeart View Post
    If it was a plushie Cthulhu, I don't think any questions would've been asked. XD.
    No, they'd just have been different questions. You'd allow a plush Cthuluh in your bed?! Mine just sits on the bedside table. I'm not sleeping with something that might swallow my soul!

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    I understand wolfie is important to you but I suggest that if the girlfriend is very important.... ask her to pick out a plushie for you!

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