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Thread: Satanist but good xD

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    Default Satanist but good xD

    I dont support Satanist BUT this Music video is fucking sweet! they eat a naked Angel!!! P.S. DEMON BABY!!!!

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    I'll have to admit... that was both hilarious and awesome at the same time. (I'm a Luciferian; This shouldn't surprise anybody.) Seriously. The lighting and the scenery were so... cool to me. And the hair-whipping in slow motion? The 'OM NOM NOM FEATHURS' scene? Ahahaha.

    Not to mention that heavy metal singers just sound like they're saying "RAWRRRRRRRR RARRRRRRR YEAHHHHH I AM A DRAGONNNN" to me. And, yes, that is one awesome demon baby. Though I always pictured demons with green/hazel or red eyes...

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    Butterfly Mage


    Isn't Lucifer the consort to the goddess Dianna? The word "light" is actually derived from the word "Lucifer".

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