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Thread: Salvia Divinorum (Warning Drug Use Inside!)

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    Default Salvia Divinorum (Warning Drug Use Inside!)

    This thread is about Salvia Divinorum, I am sure some of you have heard of it, maybe even tried it, but I am sure most of you have not heard of it. Before I go on to explain it I first want to make everyone aware that this is a LEGAL drug in America, on federal and state levels. Although I think Missouri has illegalized it, and maybe a couple others I am not aware of.

    Anyways this is a plant, that was first used as an insense, you know to smell good (most say it does not smell good). To make the insense they would burn it down and make it into an extracted, purified form. So anyways, apparently people eventually started to smoke it because it gave you a very strong LSD (acid) like trip, that kicks in immediatly after inhailation with the main trip lasting for 5-15 minutes. It can have after effects for as long as a couple of hours, but you are generally back to your normal self 20-30 minutes after inhailation. It is totally safe as far as we know, there has not been any serious damaging or long term effects of use yet discovered by it, thus why it is still legal, despite its VERY STRONG mind altering effects.

    I have personally never tried it, but a lot of my friends have tried it, I never was with them when they tried it, but they explained their expeirances to me. I do want to try this in the future, but I want to wait until I stop taking my prescription, cause I would rather not take any risks of bad mixtures. Well I will stop jabbering about it, and now show you, first row seats of what it is like....(warning! very graphic content! Containing humans in very distraught state and with profanity mixed in).....

    This first video of someone on it, is a perfect example of a bad trip, meaning the individual did not enjoy the expeirance...also take note this guy is NOT acting.....(this is, this guys first time trying this btw)

    YouTube - Horrible Salvia Trip

    This second video is a someone who has tried it several times before, so he is not as much caught off gaurd by the effects as the guy in the previous video was. He says he is going to drive on it, but do not worry he is not going to, he won't even make it out of the drive way.. (also you will realize this guy is more in touch with reality than the previous guy was, mainly because this guy has done it several times before, and your body develops a slight tolerance to it after a while so that it is not as intense as the first time or two.) Also this guy is NOT acting either...

    YouTube - Driving On Salvia

    So please give me comments on what you thought of both videos. Also please state if after watching this videos, if you would be willing to try it or not, considering it IS legal and it is NOT dangerous (so far as proven). Also if you have any qeustions about it please feel free to ask me, I will do my best to answer it!

    I just want to make clear, in NO way do I encourage anyone to try this. I am only spreading the word and information on it and getting opinions, which are the only points of this thread. Oh yeah and sharing some hilarous videos! Ha!
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    Haha...I don't know. I might be willing to try it, it sounds pretty interesting.

    The guy thought the couch was eating him. o.O That's the greatest thing I have ever seen. xD

    Though I think there's already a thread on Salvia somewhere.

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    I have a friend that went on a Salvia "trip" and all he had to do was inhaile that stuff for 30 seconds and he said that he was holusinating for about 2 days; it's really powerful and if anything we should legalize weed and make this stuff ilegal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira View Post
    The guy thought the couch was eating him. o.O That's the greatest thing I have ever seen. xD.
    Haha yeah...I find these videos hilarous watching these people freak out, and geek out! :rofl:

    Yeah I think diapered4lyfe made one, I am aware, but it was not as visual as this!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kenshin Himura View Post
    I have a friend that went on a Salvia "trip" and all he had to do was inhaile that stuff for 30 seconds and he said that he was holusinating for about 2 days.
    Well your friend was lying, cause 2 days is impossible. He might have been talking about nutmeg, cause nutmeg will make you trip a very very long time.

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    Yeah, it's...interesting.

    Personally, once was enough for me; I'm willing to try most things that have little or no risk but I prefer to be a little more in control of my faculties than this stuff leaves you. If you try it, make sure you're with people who have done it before and you are in a good mood before you start. If you're the kind to enjoy these kind of trips you'll more than likely have a good time I just prefer to stay off stuff that leaves you so vulnerable even for a short period of time and despite having perfectly trustworthy friends.

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    I'd have no idea how to get hold of it.

    But since it's legal, and relatively safe, I'd definitely try it.

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    Did it ounce....never again. though i have some friends who want me to get some for them to try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post
    I'd have no idea how to get hold of it.

    But since it's legal, and relatively safe, I'd definitely try it.
    If you're near a decent sized city, it'll be quite easy to get hold of in whatever passes for the 'alternative' part of town - the Camden Market equivalent. Any kind of shop that sells general smoking paraphernalia in a setting like that will probably have it, and it's pretty cheap as well.

    I would recommend using only around others who have do so before though.

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    Being a fan of Psychadelics Im definitly going to try this one out sometime soon. to bad the trip is only for about 10 minutes but I guess that would be enough if its such an intense trip!

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    Did it twice in one day a few years back with a friend. Was crazy. I would deffinitely love to do it again. The stuff I used wasn't very strong though (10x), plus I seem to naturally have a tolerance to all psychadellics, so there were no hallucinations for me. Just pure bliss.

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