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Thread: What's your fursona?

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    Default What's your fursona?

    mine is a double tailed fox havent figured out a name yet im still new to this

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    Arctic fox/wolf mix. Refer to my avatar as well.

    Sig has the link to my FA for more commisions I've had done of my fursona.

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    im a cheetah kitten. my name is duma from the 1989 disney movie "cheetah"

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    I've kind of adopted being a black panther, granted that is about all I have so far but its a start :/ (well besides my SL character).

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    I have been going with and Arctic Fox for many years, but have been leaning toward a bunny recently. Not sure if I want to truly go with the bunny fursona myself, but others have called me a bunny in the past...not sure why?!

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    I'm a baby care bear or sometimes a baby grey wolf.

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    My fursona is a dog, more specificaly a bichon frise. See my avatar for reference ^^.

    I still have not decided on an age or name, tough.

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