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Thread: Drynites suprise

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    Talking Drynites suprise

    So I've been wearing drynites pyjama pants for about a year now and they fit well (i've got a 30" waist) and are pretty discreet. However, the fact that they are so discreet is my problem as I like to be able to either feel or hear *crinkle crinkle* that I'm wearing something.

    Now everybody probably knows this and this might be old news, but the top sheet on the front of the drynites is only a very thin layer of cotton that can be really easily peeled off. Once peeled off the front of the drynite is shiny plastic (like an old fashioned disposable nappy) and crinkles really loudly!

    Who knew?!?!

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    I never knew that. Thats pretty awesome and woooo another Dan from London XD

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    wow...i have a about 2 cases of drynites in my closet and it just sucks i cant wear

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    They do crinkle pretty well when you get the cloth cover off, but it's difficult to get it off without ripping the diaper open sometimes.

    Edit: 100th post!

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    Or just get 2 cases off ebay for the price of 2 packages of one of the older models that have better designs and crinkle :O ftw.

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    Yea .... I have done it myself ... and they are so much more diaper like without the cloth!

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    I was attempting to take off the cloth but, I am stupid and don't really see where to take it off at, I was able to with the previous models but not these.

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    Of course it's the same for Goodnites. I've took the cloth cover off a couple of times myself. The prints are actually on the plastic, and not on the cloth.

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