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    Ahh...breakfast is here! *gets frying pan*

    Welcome to the forum! Tell us more about yourself or people will eventually end up frying and eating you (being eaten is not nice, I can tell you - I get nibbled on all the time ).


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    mmmmmm.... Peachy.

    So yeah, hi! Like Peachy said, you should maybe share a little bit about yourself. What brings you to ADISC? What are your hobbies & interests? What sorta games/music/films/etc are you into? Just a couple of ideas...

    Anyhoo, welcome, and have fun posting with us

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    What? They dont have bacon in Canada! They have sliced ham that they claim is bacon. (its a trap dont fall for their scheme!) anyways, tell us about yourself.

    Have fun on the forums!

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    mmmm...bacon. welcome! enjoy..and tell us about yourself

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    Yummy canadian bacon. Been about a year since I had some of that good stuff!

    What kinda hobbies do you have? Hope to see you around and posting!

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