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    Hi there, my name is James and i am 23. Occupation wise, i work at a media agency as 'creative' so i have a keen interest in illustrations, graphical design, photography, basically all things poncey! In my spare time i work on my cars (not out of choice). I also enjoy watching films and tv episodes such as: the shield, sorpranoes, the wire, 24 and cartoons such as classic futurama, american dad and of course family guy. If i have any other time left i try to look after my tropical fish, which are always a challenge.

    In between all the above i am currently in the process of designing my own diapers. These diapers will follow similar suit to that of the baby brands. So if you see any forums about it, its probably me.

    That about sums it up really, sorry to have wasted time!! lol

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    Hi James,

    Welcome to Adisc

    Always good to have another person from the UK joining us here at adisc. And well done on a great introduction Definitely not a waste of time to read it!

    Your job sounds interesting, what kind of things do you illustrate/design/photograph? And designing your own diapers? That sounds interesting - do you have hopes that you might get them made into actual diapers some day, or is it the designing you are more interested in?

    The Wire? I keep being told by some of my friends that I need to watch that. Is it a comedy? I mostly like watching british comedy shows - Peepshow and the like.

    Anyway, welcomes to the forum. It's always great to have another person from the UK here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodle121 View Post
    That about sums it up really,

    sorry to have wasted time!!
    no waste of time was made. No need for the apology.

    We share tv interests
    and dealing with old cars out of need

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    Hi babyjess, thanks . I design websites mainly but i also illustrate banners etc for clients etc. I do a bit of photography at work for designs but mostly i do it in my spare time - check it out here if you want to Flickr:'s Photostream. Yeah i am currently in the process of designing the brand and as soon as thats done i am gonna get the diapers made. Still so much to do; like marketing them, websites etc but gives me something to do. The wire is really good (takes a while to get into, but good). Its not a comedy more police drama, watch it. Yeah peeps show good, you into inbetweeners??

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    Wow, I really like your photography Have you been travelling/on holiday lately? Correct me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't look like a British beach! Somewhere in Asia perhaps? If so, where did you go and how was it? Do you get ut of the UK often? I love travelling, although haven't had a chance to do much. I spent 3 months in India in 2007, and have done some of Europe too put at the moment uni takes up too much time and money for anything out. Hopefully once I graduate this summer I will have a chance to go back to India and then move on to see Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam etc etc.

    I am in to the Inbetweeners. I wasn't such a big fan of it when it first came out, but just before the last series I rewatched series 1 & 2 and I realised how brilliant it is. Really enjoyed the third series, have heard rumours it was the last one but I hope they will do another, or perhaps one once the four have finished school showing what they got upto afterwards or something.

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    Holy cow! Really interesting. xD Welcome to the community. =)

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