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Thread: Newbe here

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    Cool Newbe here

    I am new to the forum.
    I had an accident last summer and between my prostate and spinal problems I loose contorl part of the time.
    I hated waring diapers at first but now find myself thinking they are fun. LOL There is nothing worse than being out in public and haveing a leaky diaper. That is high on my list of pet peeves. LOL
    I am not a forum joing person but thought this site might be interesting. I am streight and married. I am so consertive I make Limbaugh look like a liberal. LOL
    I have a sense of humor so please don't take any joke I might make personaly. I am an equal opertunity harasser. I harass everyone equaly. If you get left out just wait your turn, it will come up. LOL
    Happy New year and my your diapers never leak. For you others may in never be dry.

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    welcome IPFreely hope to see you post from time to time. This is a good palce to give and get advise. I have spinal problems from a blood clot that was in my spinal colm. Did some damage and for the last6 years have been diapered 24?7. heres to never leaking diapers

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