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Thread: You ever thought about putting baby scents in an air freshener

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    Default You ever thought about putting baby scents in an air freshener

    any of you ever thought about getting one of those plug in air fresheners and then emptying out the stuff and putting baby sents in them ?

    Mommie's Diaper Fresh and Powder Fresh Scents

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    Yep, but not that. I've used powder sent air freshener but stop short of anything that may lead to questions by anyone who used my bathroom.
    So, no huge diaper pail in there either.

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    Trying to pry apart a plugin scented oil thing is hard, you may spill the oil all over the place, and if you break that cappilary wick thing it will all be for not.

    Might I suggest getting a Scentbug from Bath and Body Works. It runs on 2 AA batteries, has a little pad that you drop scent oil onto and it has a small fan that blows it into the air. Batteries last about a week at most.

    Now, Bath and Body Works does not sell the baby powder oil, but I have a source for it.

    I usually take the scentbug with me when i travel, as soon as I check into my hotel, my scentbug comes out and turned on, and then my plushie.

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    That would actually be pretty cool!

    but it wouldn't be suitable for people who still lived at home..... somehow i don't think my parents would enjoy my room smelling like baby oil!

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