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Thread: What's your opinions on/experiences with smoking/alcohol?

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    Default What's your opinions on/experiences with smoking/alcohol?

    My mother's a smoker, and a drinker. One time, she was trying to prove to me that she wasn't drunk, by playing with my niece, who is 3, and trying to get her to fall asleep. She ultimately failed. She also smokes. Recently she's been sick, and she doesn't know why, and sometimes she even goes outside to smoke while she's still sick! Also, my little sister often defends her in everything she does. My mom will sometimes even smoke just to piss me off.

    Do you have any experiences similar to this, or any opinions you'd like to share?

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    Butterfly Mage


    Yeah... Many.

    The primary reason that I don't smoke is that both of my parents smoked 2-3 packs of cigarettes every day. They smoked at the dinner table. They smoked in the car (with the windows rolled up, no less!) My sister and I were always choking on cigarette fumes throughout our childhoods. It was disgusting.

    Then there was having to listen to them cough. The first thing in the morning, both of the would coug and cough and cough and cough. Dad, in particular, would frequently cough until he vomited. Disgusting. And, of course, there were lots of things my sister and I had to do without because a big chunk of the household finances were literally going up in smoke.

    I haven't heard from my dad since 1995 but my uncle told me that dad has emphysema. My mom has COPD from 40 years of fractures, very heavy smoking.

    It was easy to never start smoking.

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    Mom was a daily smoker. Used to constantly badger her to kick the habit, which in hindsight had the opposite desired effect. She did quit eventually by her own determination to do so.

    I smoke every so often if offered while out to unwind.

    I drink alcohol socially and for fun.

    Don't particularly have any major kick-ups with smoking and/or alcohol so long as they're used responsibly.
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    My mom is also a smoker and has admitted to being a alcoholic on a few occasions, on top of that she's a diabetic who takes insulin daily. Pretty much she is one of the few reasons why I do neither, not that I haven't tried them before. I'll admit rum is some pretty good stuff if you can ignore the bad alcohol taste.

    Smoking though sucks and even the clove ciggerates I "liked" wern't that great. The taxes and import rates on them combined were huge. If I wanted a oral habit gum or a pacifier would be much cheaper. Though sunflower seeds and pistachios are pretty damn great.

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    Ah, my family has a history of smoking and drinking issues, and let's just say that I'm very happy to not have that trait. (My father was a drunken bastard.

    My boyfriend's a smoker, and I chew nicotine gum once in a while (though I do enjoy a cigarette after sex, no matter how stupid that sounds), and we hate it when people badger us about it. (Moreso him than me, because I can easily get away with it without people really knowing and he's a bit of a chain-smoker.) We indulge in our habits respectfully, though, and always smoke outside, away from anybody that's offended by the smell. Yeah, it doesn't concern me what others do to their bodies, because it's ultimately theirs and not mine. But my guy does have a heart valve problem so I can't say that I'm not concerned. (He's cut back a bit since we started getting really close to each other, though, so yayyyy. But he still seems to have that weird oral fixation... so guess what he's getting for his birthday~ Maybe then he'll stop being such a sexually oblivious rhino.)

    As for alcohol, I drink a bit more than the average, but I never seem to get even tipsy unless I drink quite a bit. I just have a high tolerance for alcohol.

    So my opinion? It can be destructive, but I have no problems with people doing it as long as they're doing it responsibly. I respect people who do either, and I respect those who don't.

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    My mother was a life long smoker and both parents were heavy drinkers. I myself used to drink and beer was my drink of choice. But 14 years ago I just quit and haven't touched a drop since. I had realized back then 14 years ago that most likely both of my parents had been alcoholics and not wanting to follow in their foot steps I quit drinking. The cold hard fact is that my mother was legally drunk the night she was driving and had a car accident that killed my father (he was legally drunk also according to the autopsy results). Mom pretty much crawled in a bottle for the next 6 years until a massive stroke changed her life permanently. She still drank and sometimes in excess having done it for most of her adult life. I was 9 at the time this happened and started drinking about 9 years later when I was 17. Mom was more than happy to buy my beer for me and when I enlisted and went in the Marines alcohol was very easy to get and drink. I don't put down drinking at all and if someone wants to do it do it in moderation and don't even consider drinking and driving. I had a few fellow Marines and Soldiers that didn't come home after a night of drinking and choose to get behind the wheel.
    As for smoking other than a little smoking when I was 11 or 12 I never started. I just didn't like it and being made to smoke a pack of mom's Pall Mall non filters cured me from wanting to smoke. Also spending a summer working in tobacco didn't hurt in helping me realized how bad tobacco was for you!!!!

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    i used to smoke. nice rich delicious darkfired virginia rolling-tobacco. i kind of miss it, but it's bad for you, and i've realized it's not really my thing. it's also expensive, and it can sometimes be a really annoying habit, like when you have a chest cold but still crave cigarettes. i didn't have much trouble quitting, and i doubt i'll ever go back to smoking.

    i really like most kinds of alcohol, and i drink fairly often but responsibly. i don't really enjoy getting drunk, and too much alcohol bothers my stomach. it's never been a habit, just something i enjoy. every once in a while i'll let myself get a bit buzzed, just for the heck of it.

    i feel thankful that i've been able to enjoy cigarettes and alcohol, which can both be really pleasant but which can also both completely take over and destroy people's lives.

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    my opinion is that you could've included the entertainment media, petrol (gasoline) and any other of the social distractions which are heavily taxed, because that's the only reason we (as economic entities) persist in their continued uses.
    we (in britain) are in a bit of a different position from those in the americas in that, being an island, we could quite easily stop the importation of those things which may be considered as bad, and thus taxed on that justification; so, i don't consider the whole state of affairs surrounding something like tobacco as being justified. in fact, i consider such a state as criminal in it's exploitation (for tax purposes) of people if it is [justifiably] causing harm to them. rationally speaking, it would be no different from allowing the importation and free sale of guns, bombs or bio-hazardous materials simply for the sake of a few rich people getting even richer (via taxation and profit). i do smoke, btw.
    as comforts and distractions, alcohol, tobacco and those things i mentioned, serve their purposes. do people consume those thing to excess? of course they do, but we do have the option of outright bans on the importation, trading, sale and consuming of those things. but, it wouldn't be worth getting up in the morning if you couldn't have a little of what you fancy, would it?
    so, while i may not agree with much about the current situation of exploitation and consuming (for those things i don't like or agree with) of our little fancies, it's those fancies which give many people the impetus to get out of bed and get on with the job of working and consuming and paying taxes and which gives society it's material benefits and which adds a bit of flavour to each of our lives in the characters around us.
    the daily grind would unbearable without them.

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    I don't do either.

    I don't handle alcohol well at all. I was very sick once and got nighttime cough syrup and I didn't know it had alcohol in it. I took one dose and slept for an entire day and I staggered around like I was drunk even the next day. So if cough medicine got me that bad, I don't want to know what other alcohol would do. I also can't stand the just gags me.

    I don't smoke either. I've got asthma and I choke and can't breathe around smoke and even certain perfumes. I don't do it on purpose but I've had people act like I'm being rude to them by quietly moving around until I'm not breathing the smoke/perfume. I don't even make a big deal out of moving. Only one person I've met understood what I was up to and they used to laugh because I would 'orbit' when the wind shifted directions.

    Now what people want to do to themselves is fine as long as I don't have to be exposed to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuddleWoozle View Post
    I was very sick once and got nighttime cough syrup and I didn't know it had alcohol in it. I took one dose and slept for an entire day and I staggered around like I was drunk even the next day. So if cough medicine got me that bad, I don't want to know what other alcohol would do. I also can't stand the just gags me.
    Same thing pretty much happened to me. But I want to point out I think there's other stuff in nighttime cough syrup/nyquil then just alcohol that helps you sleep. Plus you were sick at the time and might have been running a fever too. A fever by itself has made me feel like I was drunk (not that I know what being drunk feels like, yet.)

    As for the smell of alcohol, the stuff you drink to get drunk is going to smell bad. But i am sure there's some good rums or whisky's out there that have a "good" scent. My thoughts are you drink beer to get drunk, you drink liquor (mixed or not) to be social.

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