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    Hey guys I decided to join since I'm interested in diapers haha. Thanks for having me!

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    Smile Thanks for having us!

    Welcome to ADISC Qazedc.

    I hope you have other things going for you in your life as well. It would be better if you would include some information about interests in your life (outside diapers), in your introduction, please. Would you like to share any other interests or hobbies with us?

    I also have found this site to be an informed, friendly support community and a safe place to express an interest in lots of subjects, not just wearing diapers.

    As for me, my love of nappies (or diapers) started way back as far as I can remember that and a love of wearing female clothes. In the real world, some of my main interests are history, science and astronomy.

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

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    Hi Qazedc,

    Welcome to adisc It's always great to have new members join, and making an introduction is the first step to making some friends here.

    However, the only thing we know about you from your short intro is that you like diapers - whilst that's something you have in common with most of us, we probably could have guessed that just because you joined - you haven't really told us much about you, and here at adisc we like to get to know all of our new members. We are much more than a forum which talks about diapers, so we'd love to get to know about your other interests too.

    So, outside of your interest in diapers, what kind of things are you interested in? Do you have any hobbies? Do you like sports, computer games, and particular TV shows/movies? There are loads of us here, and I bet if you tell us a bit about yourself you'll find you have something in common with at least a few of us.

    If you're a bit stuck about what to say, or feeling a little nervous at the prospect of having to write about yourself then one of our staff members has written a very useful 'cheat sheet' to a great intro which should hopefully help you out. It can be found here:

    Also, Moo (the head of adisc) has just reorganised the groups section. The groups can be a good place to start getting to know people here at adisc, so you may wish to have a look and see if you care to join one. Groups -

    Anyway, welcome again to adisc, and I look forward to hearing more from you,

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