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Thread: Emergen-C vs Airborne

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    Default Emergen-C vs Airborne

    Ok so have any of you tired these cold suppressant drink mixes? What are your opinions on them? Do you think they work? What's your favorite? I personally use airborne when I feel sorta crummy.

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    Having tried Emergen-C, it does its job well. Gives you a nice boost of energy and I feel has helped fight off colds. Be careful not to OD on the stuff though (as in drink more than one per few hours) as it can cause an upset tummy (learned that first hand).

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    Either works. If you DO NOT WANT TO GET SICK, PERIOD, pick up a bottle of Intramax. But both of those mixes are great.

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    I've used Emergen-C with great success. I also like to take a supplement of Echinacea which is suppose to naturally boost your immune system, although there is no hard scientific proof to back that.

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    They work often if you think they will, they won't if you don't. That said, Airborne was sued and people got refunds on 2 or 3 tubes if they ever bought any. of course you needed the recpeit.

    Anyways I still like airborne since it tastes a fair bit better then Nyquil or god awful pills. Even though the former has been proven to not really do much of anything.

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