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Thread: so i want a tail

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    Default so i want a tail

    so like yeah im not sure if im into the whole babyfur thing but i really kinda want to get a sort of strap-on tail for outside my diaper cus i think it would be cute does anyone know where i could purchase one of them

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    Well, as far as I've seen (including my own), tails usually strap onto a belt. Unless you want to make one yourself, I've never seen a tail that attaches to a diaper.

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    if you dont mind me asking where did you get your tail and how much did it cost i could get o a real tail out of liek a native american catalog but i think id rather have a faux one they are softer and not only that but i think the dog would go after a real one

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    I got mine custom made to order, from someone on DeviantArt. Due to privacy, I will not reveal her name, although I bought both the ears and the tail at $60. Note that there aren't many of them out there.

    However, you can find some people who make them on the Fur Affinity forums and on their main site index. Prices range from like $10 to a lot more, it depends on what you want and the quality of it.

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    i dont want to spend a whole lot because i dont even know if id like it i just think it would be cute and i do understand about the privacy thing thank you though for the advice on getting one through i really appreciate it

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    Yeah, like say you want something common like a fox or bunny tail--they don't cost very much. For something like mine, well, yeah.

    I kinda figured something out though, you could use a clip instead of a belt loop, that way, it could go right onto the back of your diaper, however it depends on how much the tail weighs (usually lightweight) so it won't drop your nappy either. What kind of tail do you want?

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    i dont really know i kinda want a fox one but i also kinda want like a cat tail maybe like a foot long obviously a fake one lol

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    Yeah, I was going to suggest checking around Furaffinity. There are people there who make things like that in addition to full fursuits.

    I want a tail, too, but I'm going to make it myself. They're really not that hard to make if you already do sewing like I do. I'm just trying to figure out how to hook it to the back of my pants since I hate wearing belts.

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    Tails pretty much need a belt to be able to be strapped on adequately. Most people get them from fursuit makers, or costume type sites. If you want the quality, look for makers on furaffinity, that's your best bet.

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