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Thread: Is it ok to ask a nurse to change you? =/

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    Default Is it ok to ask a nurse to change you? =/

    I'm presuming it isn't :P but if its just a normal day and you go into the hospital to change (which I do quite a lot in all honesty + I enjoy he rush of asking a hot nurse where theres somewhere to change my nappy :P) is it OK to ask a nurse to change you? (to be fair I do have mild cerebral paulsy)...presuming you dont expect them to..i mean is it ok to just ask?

    Im presuming it isnt..jw what you guys thought


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    I would have to say nada. If you're not bed-ridden, and you can get up and move about, I doubt they will change you. It's not their job, you see. Their job is to take care of the sick. They change other people, because they cannot do it themselves, and cleanliness helps people stay healthy.

    It's like a nursery home worker. If the old can get up and move about, get into the bathtub and to the bathroom on their own, then the workers do not need to worry about such a thing. They can handle it themselves, we just need to get them food and medicine! But, if they cannot get up and move around, the workers need to help them do it, for it is their job to help those who cannot help themselves.

    So, going back to the original question, the answer would have to be: nope. It's not going to happen - you can get to the toilet on your own. And if you cannot, you can change yourself on your own, for you have done it before!

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    No, that's taking advantage of someone for sexual desires.

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    Yeah, no. Gotta agree with Yoshi on this one. Unless you are actually admitted to the hospital and you cannot (or per doctor's orders) cannot change your own diaper you should not ask. Also, asking a nurse to do this during his or her working hours really, in my mind would be considered theft of services. Look at it this way, if they are working then they are being paid, likely by the hospital. They are paid to take care of the sick, not assist you in indulging in your diaper fantasy.

    Now if you have a bf/gf or just a diaper aware friend and you do this on your own time and want to do a nurse scene in the privacy of your own home (or wherever private you got) then more power to you. Just don't go into a medical facility asking for it to be done.

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    That is definitely an idea you should stay away from. Also, please don't use your disability as an excuse to involve other people in your fetish. I have mild cerebral palsy too, and that just feels like a very bad idea. I'm not one for using my disability as an excuse just to get people to do me favors. It's entirely different if you actually need help due to your disability, but that just seems wrong when you make claims that you need help due to your disability, when you actually don't, especially if it's fetish related.

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    Unless you want a sexual harassment lawsuit or a nice smack to the face, no.

    Also, exploiting a disability for fetish reasons is extremely untactful. I have nerve damage in one of my legs; Does that mean I go around asking for a wheelchair because it would be convenient at Seaworld? No, I put my brace on because there are people out there who actually can't walk and actually need the wheelchairs because of that. Like Jabo said, it's totally different if you need actual help.

    And don't underestimate nurses. They know what's going on even more than doctors do half the time.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My aunt is a nurse and she only changes people when they absolutely cannot do so themselves.

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    That would be a big NO. Don't do it. If you can actually change your diaper yourself then do so. Don't use someone unsuspecting to get your rocks off.

    That is just not right. And it's a dumb idea.

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    Of course not. If you are not a patient in the hospital then it is not OK to ask a nurse to do anything for you (apart from perhaps to ask for directions etc). You would not go up to a cleaner in the hospital and ask them to come back to your house and clean up your kitchen for free during their working hours, and asking a nurse on duty to change you during her working hours, when you are capable of doing it yourself and are not a patient at the hospital is the same sort of situation. The nurse is not being paid to change the nappy of a random person who is only in the hospital to feed his sexual fetish in the first place. If you were to ask a nurse to do so it is likely that you would be very promptly escorted out of the hospital building by security and warned not to bother the people who are doing their jobs again.

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