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    Here is an interesting question that I have never had answered. How many of you have engaged in ad/dl activities with another ab/dl, i.e. changing, babying, etc. I have until pretty recently been pretty paranoid about my adult baby lifestyle, and never took the time to even wonder what it is like to meet people that are other ab's or dl's.

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    If you're ever going to meet with a fellow AB/DL, I would strongly recommend meeting them for the first time in a rather vanilla setting, i.e. at a coffee shop or a bowling alley, and to keep the role-play out of the equation until you feel comfortable with that person. I would say this is especially true for DLs, since we do get sexual gratification out of diapers (I certainly wouldn't have sex with someone I had only met online, so the same would go with letting someone change me). Its also important to make sure the person you're meeting isn't some creeper...
    As for what its like to meet another AB or DL, I've only done it once. It was pretty interesting (its kind of a relief to realize that there are other AB/DLs out there that aren't total creeps. I mean, I knew they where there, but meeting one IRL does drive home that point) and had next to nothing to do with diapers. Frankly, the only diaper talk we had was trading "parents found out" stories, the guy I met (OliLion) telling me about something that happened at a meet in Toronto and me ranting about the fact that I had been waiting a good month for the Bambinos I had ordered. We actually talked politics more than diapers ^^.There was absolutely zero role-play (being in a public place and all...), and at no point did I ever feel awkward. Having never done any live role-play (and next to no online role-play, to be honest) I can't really say if it would be awkward or not, but I think its safe to assume that it would only be a positive experience if you feel safe with the person(s) you're role-playing with.

    The point is, if you're going to do RP, do it with someone you know. If you meet an AB/DL for the first time, its probably best not to RP until you get to know them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    I would strongly recommend meeting them for the first time in a rather vanilla setting, i.e. at a coffee shop or a bowling alley
    My vannila setting=Anywhere people are getting the crap beat out of each other

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    you set the area in a locale you are familiar with, where people can see you.

    If they insist on it, Google Maps the area they have suggested, and see if it looks safe.

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    see luckily i have a loving and accepting boyfriend when i told him about being a diaper lover he freaked for about 10 seconds then he did months and months of research online and even talked to some psychiatrists to better understand, not because he feels that i need the help but because he needed the help to understand, and then waited for me to bring it back up so if i want to role play he will do it with me

    we have an agreement as long as i balance an adult life out of the bedroom with a regressive life in the bedroom its all good

    and in all honesty our sex life has quadrupled since ive been back in diapers not just my drive but his has massively increased as well

    i do agree with Near through definitely public place you dont want to end up meeting a craiglist killer

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    Public place is key anytime you are meeting someone form the internet. Daytime is even better.
    Having something to defend yourself with is a good idea too like a taser, mace, pointed stick, ect.. you get the idea

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