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Thread: Vampire Awakens and says hello

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    Default Vampire Awakens and says hello

    Sorry I am just silly. But Most people on other Forums know me as Lestat. Like DPF before the chat site went crazy.

    Basicly I like diapers.

    But other then that. I am a computer Wizard and I read alot of Tech books. I like to repair and build computers. The Vampire thing mostly becuse I am a night person. I live in Mountains of California.

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    i'm new here too and i'm a computer addict, nice to meet you.

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    Another computer addict here!

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    Well hello Lestat,

    Welcome to the site. I'm not sure how far back you go, but do you by chance do you remember a Khaymen or TinyTimm from the old days?
    I've been looking for some of the old crowd I met when I first went online many moons ago.

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    Not sure on the names. It been about 5 12 years. I jump to that dpf site once in a while untel it closed down a few years ago. You can still hit the chat room but it not what it use to be.

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