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Thread: ever slept in a fursuit?

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    Default ever slept in a fursuit?

    Just a quick thought before I head to bed, so I wont be able to check replies til after work tomorrow. But I was wondering, has anyone else with a full fursuit ever slept in it?

    I have a couple times, first time I was just drunk and zonked out in just the body, second time was intentional, last night as it was cold. I found it really comfy and warmer than just under the bedsheets alone, and yes, I was in the whole suit, head included. :P

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    I don't think that I would try it...mainly because I get too hot sometimes when I sleep and I'd have a hard time getting out of it. It does sound like it would be fun if it was cold enough out.

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    its not too bad, though i did put my collar on over the top just as a little extra deterrent to stop me taking it off if i wok up half awake in the night.
    Had my underarmor on underneath like i always do so even sweat wasnt much of an issue

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    I've thought about it, but my Ki suit's mouth is blocked, which makes breathing kinda hard. Or then someone would walk in on me thinking I was dead. . . That too

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    That just sounds way too hot for my tastes. >.<; Temperature-wise, that is.

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    "Oh no! Colf was eaten by a wolf! ...The beast lies... I must save him!" *stabs, pulls* *Out jump Colf and Little red riding hood.*

    I would probably sweat and drool, and ruin the suit. I don't have one though...

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    Don't have one, but don't think I could do it unless I turned the heat wayyyyyyy down. It probably be too hot, and i can't sleep at all in the heat :/.

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    I have tried it before, and I would have to say that it was rather uncomfortable. I tend to overheat a lot at night and even with my footed PJs I have to sleep on the covers without a blanket to stay cool. I guess the the arctic fox in me that likes my bed cold!

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    Not fully a sleep but i have nodded off in it.

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