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Thread: I have forgotten how to urinate

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    Default I have forgotten how to urinate

    Not literally, but I haven't been padded for awhile, and I'm having a wee bit of trouble "letting it out". Anyone have a similar experience? Tips?

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    Just relax and let it flow. Running/placing your hand in warm water always helps, too.

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    You might want to stand in front of the toilet, behavioral conditioning should kick in...assuming you haven't had luck in the last 9 hours :p

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    Try sitting and reading a book on the toilet. Drink a bit more water too. All will be wee in due course

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    I stopped for a while and now I can only really do it when standing up. I used to be able to wet lying down if I concentrated.

    When in doubt flood your body with water and it will come out, however be sure you have diapers that can handle a bit of a flood. Part of my problem wetting on my back is poor experience that resulted in undesired cleanup in the past.

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