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Thread: New Super Plus Topliner Contour pad by Tranquility

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    Default New Super Plus Topliner Contour pad by Tranquility

    This is a new improved version of the Topliner Contour pad already offered by Tranquility. It is an hourglass shaper booster pad that you use as a 'diaper doubler'. They advertise that is is twice as thick as the original hourglass shaped pad and has twice the absorbancy (27.5oz).

    I've never tried the original, but I've ordered the new Super. I like to double diaper, but its a pain in the butt having to diaper, tear plastic, and diaper again. These look like a great (and economical) alternative.

    Has anyone tried these?

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    wow, those were very large already! I believe the large "contour" boosters are made for size large Tranquility diapers and bigger. I have tried them, but they wouldn't fit in a size medium Tranquility to well, and forget about using them with a size small. With the medium, they made the leak guards useless, and caused the diaper to leak like crazy. The way they make there boosters, the mediums boosters fit into the medium diapers or bigger, the large boosters fit into the large or bigger, etc.

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    Thanks racer. I was thinking about how the booster would not work well on a diaper with leak guards. I recently found Promise diapers at a thrift store dirt cheap and bought about 3 cases. They are an older version that are made well, but do not have leak guards and are a bit thin. I am hoping that these topliners will add bulk and help theses diapers perform like a premium. The diapers are size medium. Hopefully the super topliner is not too big.

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    It's nice to hear of a diaper company actually making something thicker than it was before, and I might have to buy these just to show my support to that philosophy.

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    I'll second that! I actually ordered the originals before I noticed the new thicker ones. I emailed the site that I'd like to change my order and I heard back from them within the hour. I highly recommend They refunded my original order back to paypal almost immediately. I've never gotten a response to an internet order so quickly.

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    I'm a huge fan of all types of booters and stuffers, might have to look into these! Anyone with photos or reviews, feel free to chime in

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    they are great.
    I bought a package to test them out and I love them. they actualy cover the entire diaper instead of just the middle and I think they hold as much as the diaper its self.

    I highly recommend trying them out

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    They've arrived! I opened the package and took one out. They have as much padding as a drug store diaper like Depends or Attends. They are quite soft, too. They almost look like a diaper with no plastic sheet or tapes. I went ahead and paired one with a Dry 24/7. The booster fits pretty well in between the stand up leak guards. The booster is the same length as the Dry 24/7. If you are a fan of bulk and padding, this is the way to go. I just got into these and I'm lounging around the house wearing sweatpants over the bulky diaper. I'm sure that I'll be able to wear this all day long!

    If you like to double-diaper, these are a pretty awesome alternative!

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    If u are going to use any stuffer i would reccomend the quadro stuffer from bambino as it can hold the capacity of an xplus or a bambino and then some....

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