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    Well! After a leave of absence due to my family finding out absolutely everything about me (being gay, a furry, and a tbdl), I'm back. Finally. I guess I'm being more cautious now, so... *crosses fingers* here's to hoping they don't catch me again!

    Any questions, just ask or PM.

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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    Welcome back, TFA. Sorry to hear about your problems at home.

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    Figured it was something like that and hoped I was wrong. Good to see you back, though. I hope you'll have more luck being stealthy, sneaky, and all assassin-like from now on

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    wb from me... I hate to imagine what them trampling over your most sensitive areas must have been like... ugh.

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    Welcome back! To sum up some things there have been a lot of changes since the last time you have been here (including my reclusion for a couple of months myself). I know that it must have sucked to have everything found out but it is great that you have returned here.

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    Welcome back foxy, glad to see that you are back and to see you back and around the forums. Sorry to hear that you got found out on everything. Glad to see your still alive in spite of it. Hope things are ok and getting better on that end.

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