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Thread: Womens underwear and diapers

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    Default Womens underwear and diapers

    Ok here is a question for all and I may be the only wierd person that does this but here it is. (keep in mind I'm a male) ok so does anyone like to wear womens underwear over their diapers? It is another fetish of mine that I have and it's that I like to wear womens underwear like thongs and boyshorts etc...... Of course tho it really don't make since to wear a thong with a diaper but I do wear other styles with my diaper. And I was jus curious if any other guy likes to do this or if I'm jus that wierd of a person.

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    I can't say this is one of my things. I suppose when you start merging two disparate fetishes, it probably cuts down on the number of people involved dramatically. I hope you're not beating yourself up over it, though. You might be the only one on the whole site who is interested in that (or maybe not) but it still wouldn't mean anything. Hope you find someone who really "gets" this

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    I know for a fact you're not the only that enjoys wearing both diaper and women's underwear. Likewise, I'm sure there's a number of people who wear them simultaneously. Good luck on finding someone with a mutual interest.

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    Confession: I too like to wear womens underwear =\ I love role playing, cosplaying, and even crossdressing at times.. I really think it's not fair guys can't wear skirts -_- and panties don't ride up and feel weird throughout the day when you put jeans on..

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    Being a very sensitive man, I would worry about splitting the twins up. I’m all for peace and harmony, especially in that department.

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    I'm by far not beating myself up over this I was just curious if there were others that did this. I normally wear boxers but when in the mood I'll wear thongs and what not and if I'm n the mood for diaper I wear diapers. There are even times where I will put a diaper on then put a pair of boyshorts on over the diaper. And as far as splitting the twins go if you wear the right size underwear you don't have that problem.

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    Well, you not alone. I too, like women's underwear and clothing. An avid crossdresser and a sissy at heart, I enjoy wearing skirts and heels, as well as makeup. However, never thought of wearing a thong over a diaper, I would personally stick to fluffy bloomers and petticoat to cover the diaper. Thats just me though. :3

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    I dont like woman's underwear, but I do make my own small girls underwear to fit, as part of the AB thing.

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    I like to wear girl's underwear when im not in a diaper, how they are made just feel 10x better then guys underwear. But wearing one over a diaper i never have done unless its tights or stockings mainly because i dont think i will get that same scene of feeling. But if i did want something girlish over my diaper i would get some pink or sissy style diaper cover/plastic pants.

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