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    i cant sleep is 10.30 here in el salvador and my heart is going 100km/S this afyernoon my family was threaaten by one the ganngs because of a problem about a house that we were renting i dont know the actual word but these people were paying us for staying in the house and when the contract ended my mom went to take possesion of the house annd this man threaten her and the police didnt care because she took protection with her and the man is out there free!! Because of the coorruption in our contry i dont know what to do im really nervous.

    Soorry if i wanst clear cant type right nnow
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    can you go someplace safe to stay?
    Is the issue over? If you think this was just a one time thing, and they have no reason to worry about it again, and your parents didn't take anything they feel belong to them, then I wouldn't worry about it. Chances are, they are not going to mess with you unless they feel they feel they are loosing something that they want back.
    Most gang violence is caused by rival gangs, or anyone the gang feels is taking from them. These people usually feel like they haven't had a fair chance in live, and need to do whatever possible to protect what they got. If they see it worth killing a person who has taken from them, then they might think it is worth it.
    If they want you to leave and you feel it is life or death, then get out of there! If you have a friend or relative you can stay with for a couple days, do that if you feel it is necessary.
    I would definantly talk to your parents and tell them your feelings, that your scared and why. Nothing that happened is worth you getting hurt over, so if no one else cares, the heck with them, worry about your own safety and do what you need to do to stay safe!

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    Yeah i know in fact my parents are discusing if we are going to stay in tha contry and this man got angry beacuse we took him out of our house :s

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    I would say leave as soon and as safely as possible. It is not running away when psychopaths are involved.

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    Thanks for the support
    I left my place this moening and im staying with some friends

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    i agree with everyone else, get out of there, it is good that you are at your friends house. if you leave the house i recomend you go someplace public. have you read the sherlock holmes story "the five orange pips"? when someone was alone, that was when they were killed! in that story, the kkk were just like a gang. but also stay calm, think happy, try to not get to scared.

    what i mentioned above is a worst ccase senerio situation, chances are that they aren't going to bother you much, but as muhamid once said "hope for the best prepare for the worst"

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    In 1984 I worked with two brothers from El Salvador who told me about conditions there. Sorry to hear that's one of the things still going on.

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    Where will you go? None of the neighboring countries seem to be much better.

    Perhaps Venezuela? I hear Mr. Chavez likes educated people, and I do not believe there is as much of an organized crime problem as with the rest of Latin America.

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