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Thread: Computer Addiction.

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    Default Computer Addiction.

    As you all know, many people spend vast amounts of hours on the computer, with no social life beyond that of the screen. Some people playfully refer them as 'basement dwellers''.

    So, either way, Computer Addiction : Anarchy mode discussion. Are you addicted? Know people who are? Why are people led to it in the first place? blah blah.


    (P.S : I looked around the forum and tried 'Check if already posted''. I didn't find anything. If there is such a topic, do delete this.)

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    I'm addicted. Not in the sense that I need it every hour of every day, but it drives me nuts when I don't have net access for 3+ days. At the same time though.. I don't just chat and forum it up, I work online. I have my 'lil tiny business going on, and my clients get pissed if their stuff isn't done on time, so to make money Net access is a necessity for me.

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    OMG. Mom, is that you? :P Seriously; yeah, all throughout the school year it's been wake up -- check computer for IMs and posts on boards -- go to school, check in every chance I can -- get home at 3PM, and stay on the computer until sleep at around 11.

    But now that it's been warmer out and school's over with for the summer, I've been away from the computer a lot more than before. TBH, yesterday was the first time I've touched my machines in a week's time period! I remember a collegue of mine starting a thread on one of my sites saying "Where the hell did mm3 go?!". But, yeah...

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    Yes I am a computer addict, I spend many hours a day on line, just leaving messages, and chatting thru posts.

    I still get done what needs to be done, but then again I don't have a whole lot to do..

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    I'm pretty much always on the computer...But I do go out and have a social life...Just...The soft, supple glow of the computer monitor tantalizes my emotions and grabs onto my soul...Hehe...

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    LOL my friends actually have to force me off the computer. I spend way to much time on the internet.

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    I wouldn't say that I'm addicted... but I do spend a lot of time online.

    One of my friends was (maybe still is...) addicted to his computer, he'd rather stay in and play WOW than hang out... And I mean he never came out EVER.

    I just go on the computer when I've got nothing better to do, or when I'm procrastinating.

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    I'm not really addicted, I just usually have no reason not to go on the computer. I mean, when it's down to a choice between doing nothing and sitting in front of a computer doing nothing, I'm gonna chose the computer every time.

    And then when I do have something to do, I prefer to do it while also on the computer. I guess it's just that being online makes me feel less lonely.

    It's true I don't go out very often, but that's not because I'd rather spend time online, it's just because I don't go out. If something I wanted to or needed to do came up, I'd go do that instead. But there aren't many things I particularly want or need to do.

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    Yep, I'm addicted. I once installed a thing that tracked the time I was on the computer and it generally added up to 8 hours on a school day. And way more on a weekend day. Though if I have other things to do then I can get off my PC though. I just don't have that very often.

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    Yeah, I'm prolly what you'd call addicted. n.n;
    Sorta like what Jack said, it's pretty much a choice between doing nothing and doing nothing on the computer. My friends from school don't live anywhere around here, and there's not much else to do that's close.

    Then again, one of my friends is getting his license sometime this summer and is planning on bringing the whole "group" together, so I'll prolly be spending a bit less time on the computer when that happens.

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