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Thread: Im almost out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Im almost out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today, I decided that i woul chuck my stash. Well i found out that imwearing my last 1 :O So, i think ill order some tranquilities nthis time to try them out. Any suggestions???

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    O_o Suggestions about what whether or not to try them out? Maybe get a sample pack if you can.

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    Yea......if i should......i dont have time...i need soon

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    Well if it's urgent, go ahead and try them. They are recommended by a lot of people on this site. (check out some of the other topics similar to this)

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    I had a hard time reading that with all of the spelling mistakes.

    But if you are asking if you should buy Tranquilities, I just tried their atn's and they suck. The tapes are horrible and the wetness presses out easily.

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    Wait... You decided to chuck your stash? As in throw it all out? Then in the same day, you started to go into a major binge?
    Your cycles must be fast...

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