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Thread: Phobias, Got any?

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    Cool Phobias, Got any?

    I know that there are people running, walking, and crawling around this planet with them. I'm just interested in how has one/two.....

    Mine, if you have read my Bio. is FIRE. That's it, just the one little thing.

    When I was 15 yrs. old, I got burnt. Not just a sun burn or a hot water scalding. I'm talking about go straight to the hospital, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. (sorry about the one liner )

    Now 32 % of my total body is skin grafted.

    As you might guess by now I have this little ( O.K Big ) problem w/ fire.

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    I fear losing the ability to hear. I love music, and I don't think I'd do well without being able to hear.

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    Heights (Except when it's like.. the Grand Canyon or something).
    Pain (This is an actual phobia - I try my absolute to avoid anything that I even suspect that might lead to pain).
    The Unknown. When things go bump in the night disturb me, and make my heart race.

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    Vomit. i haven't vomited since i was about 4. i'm now 17, turning 18. When my cousin vomited in a car i was in one day, i hopped out of the car and waked home. i have no idea why.

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    Spiders. Insects in general give me the jitters, but spiders drive me to irrational hysteria. They're just too alien for me to tolerate. I wish they'd go back to their home planet.

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    Losing my mobility or breaking bones. I love medical stuff, but seeing broken or breaking bones me shivers. If I ever lose my mobility to walk or anything I have no idea what I would do.

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    Spiders! I cannot sleep knowing there is a spider on my wall

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    As for heights, my brother went to the Grand Canyon for vacation, could not even look over the edge.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by WingDog View Post
    Spiders! I cannot sleep knowing there is a spider on my wall
    Hah! I've spent more nights sleeping on the couch than I'd like to admit to because of this.

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    lets see i got....
    deep water that i cant see the bottom of
    the dark (almost completely over this one now)
    loosing my sight
    this is a weird one but true, I'm horrified of having a hallucination and going into public and doing something really weird or nasty
    and the fear of simply not knowing (like the deep water thing, the dark)

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