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    Talking Hi everyone

    Hi ADISC, Theflyingswordfish reporting in.

    I've only been on this site for a few weeks now, and I can't tell you how happy I was to find a AB/DL community that could talk casually about the subject without sexual interludes, especially since a lot of the members of this site are very intelligent and articulate while the forums are very well moderated. Personally as a TB I get my kicks from ageplay but due to currently living with my parents I try to keep my life as a TB discrete until I can move out.

    In terms of hobbies/interests I would call myself, for want of a better word, a video game enthusiast and PC hobbyist and am currently studying to work in game design. I don't consider myself much of a contributor, as I have very few experiences on the scene due to restrictive circumstances, but I do enjoy reading the discussions on this site and I do hope I am allowed to continue lurking.


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    Hey there flyingswordfish! Sounds like you've got ADISC figured out. Don't worry about finding things to contribute. There are a lot of things to talk about round these parts other than diaper and being a TB -- you'll get the hang of it. Hope to see you around the forums.

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    Oh my! A fellow aspiring designer! =D What are you thinking of specializing in in the field? What are some of your top titles? =)

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    I feel my strongest element is in design, but I am also in the process of learning several languages as I hear is optimal for breaking into the industry. I'm currently working on my first game which will take a while to finish as long as I can stay motivated :P.

    If by top titles you mean favorite games I would have to cite Deus Ex as an all time favorite. Beside that, I have a whole bunch of games that I enjoyed across a variety of genres.

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    Hey FlyingSwordfish,

    You're certainly welcomed to lurk around, but I would encourage you to post once in a while. This is a community for infantilist more that it is a community about infantilism. You really don't need to be an experienced *B/DL to become a contributor here. I'd suggest drooping by the Off Topic or Mature Subjects once and a while to get to know the community better and to allow the rest of us to get to know you. Gamers and PC hobbyist are certainly not in short supply here, so the "Computers and Games" subforum might be a good place to start.

    Anyway, I hope to see you around, and otherwise happy lurking,


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