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    So I realized today that I have a pet peeve that I hadn't realized before this. This was rather odd, becuase I while I am urked by many things, I had never really realized this one. This one being a general loathing for people who are native to a region to not know that places idioms.

    Now, I understand when they are new to an area, or to a person, to not know the idioms that they/the area use. However, when one of my best friends, who I have known since middleschool, didn't understand what I meant by 'bun in the oven' (we were making fun of her for having a food baby. I thought it was a good pun) I found myself really erked, and so I set out to use more idioms, and, low and behold, a bunch of people who I have known and who have lived in the same area as I have since childhood had no clue what I was saying. Needless to say, they made me very unhappy.

    So I now feel like some kind of english snob (which, I admit, I kind of am, though I have no abilities in the spelling department). I also now feel like a total petty jerk, for feeling so erked becuase someone didn't understand what local idioms and phrases meant.

    And now my question: Any random pet peeves? If anyone here is anything like me, there will be plenty of them (*b/dl related or not).

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    I hate it when people can't google stuff for themselves, and I'm a wee bit of a grammar Nazi, but that's all I can think of without getting into 'things I really fucking hate'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    I hate it when people can't google stuff for themselves, and I'm a wee bit of a grammar Nazi, but that's all I can think of without getting into 'things I really fucking hate'.
    Ah.... well you should know about Let me google that for you I love that site. XP

    anyways my petpeeves? Ignorant people, people who claim misinformation as fact. For example someone claiming there PC can play X game when their graphics card just doesn't allow it or something like that.

    I have many pet peeves just to tired to list them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    I hate it when people can't google stuff for themselves, and I'm a wee bit of a grammar Nazi, but that's all I can think of without getting into 'things I really fucking hate'.
    Haha that Google part reminds me of one kid I have in class. My prevent is people leave shit on. Sometimes I go downstairs to find half the lights and tv on when they've gone upstairs.

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    I have a few:
    1) WORST POSSIBLE THING YOU CAN DO is drive like a fucktard. If the speed limit is 60, and you drive 50, you are a fucktard. Also while turning, I will NOT brake if you are turning and it is clear, people who come to a full stop wile driving will be back-ended, or I will brake hard and cuss you out. Also, if you think turn signals are a suggestion, you're a fucktard. Last but not least, you're a fucktard if you feel to inconvenienced as to turn off your bright lights while driving by someone at night.

    2)Music Snobs. People who "don't like mainstream artists" for the ONLY reason that they are mainstream. When music snobs liked them before everyone heard of them, but once other people did, they don't like them anymore even though the music is still the Grow up you emo moron.

    3)When people (like my parents and roomate) SCREAM into the phone. You shit! We're in the 21st century, you don't have to speak so loud into a phone that they could hear it 10 miles away, EVEN IF THEY ARE 10 MILES AWAY. Technology has come a long way, you tool.

    4) I know people and hear it on the news when the state lottery is small they won't play it but when it's large they will. REALLY??? 20 million isnt good enough? Couldnt use 20 million? Only 100 million or more is enough for me to use. Dang thats just idiotic. Tickets SKYROCKET when the lottery is "high". Well fine, I'll take the 10 million or whatever it is and you can be a poor idiot.

    5) Just don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, be the guy who corrects someone, when you know EXACTLY what they are saying, just to make yourself sound intelligent. You don't, you sound like you're face is an ass.

    6) Gum is to be chewed with the mouth closed. It will make you look less like a prick. I promise.

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    1. Immature people that screw around and make fools of themselves.
    2. Arrogance
    3. Ignorance
    4. People that judge others.
    5. People with major attitudes that ignore what needs to be said.

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    Those who leave a mess everywhere they go, don't clean up after themselves, leave it to someone else to take out their trash, don't pull their own weight, all the same thing.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Granted, this pet peeve won't apply to too many people here. But I hate it when I have a defendant that I know is getting stoned every day and he whines "I can't pee" when I tell him he must submit a urine sample for drug testing.

    More common pet peeve: People who drive truly huge vehicles that act like road bullies. When I'm driving the speed limit in my Insight-II and there are three other lanes available on the highway, what's the point in tailgating me and flashing your lights at me?!

    Grocery store pet peeve: People with the Independence Card (welfare) who seem to be able to afford more food than I can afford, and never seem to have to clip coupons (like I have to).

    Junky car pet peeve: What's the deal with teens driving 10-year-old Honda Civics with darkly tinted windows and aftermarket exhaust pipes. Yeah... that huge tailpipe that's making a huge noise sure does make me not notice that your car is a 1.4L inline-4!

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    1: Sound of Styrofoam/squeaky pencils. I HATE that freakin' sound... makes my teeth grind...

    2: People who instantly think they are SO much better than everyone else just because they're them. I hate when I have a class with one of these people. I just want to sock 'em in the jaw. Everyone is doing the exact same work, getting (mostly) the exact same grade and what not, but one guy, for whatever reason, apparently excels ahead of everyone else (even the teacher I've seen...) just 'cause they say they do. Get real, man. That wise-ass attitude isn't helping you any, and certainly wont help you later on with jobs and such.

    3: People who 'have' to drink super-purified water. I'll admit, the fountains don't taste the best, but it wont kill you. They wont even bother to buy 'regular' purified water from a machine. Nooooo, it has to be rain cleaned and with a little salt added or whatever so that they drink it. Whatever, waste 5 bucks every time they get thirsty.

    4: The reverse mohawk... need I say more?

    Edit: Wait! Forgot my most HATED one...
    5: People who try to 'agree' with everything. What I mean is, say, for instance, the news comes on and there is this big new breakthrough about how eating something-or-other helps something... or-other, and the person next to you says "Yeah, mhm. Just like I always say". Then why haven't I heard you say it EVER before now? And, if you're just always saying it, why is this new news to everyone around you? Or, even worse, if they find out they guessed the wrong thing in some radio contest or whatever, try and 'talk their way out of being wrong', making HUUUUGE leaps to make it so they somehow are right. If you get it wrong, you get it wrong. Stop trying to say you didn't.

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