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Thread: use a hair dryer on your diaper!

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    Thumbs up use a hair dryer on your diaper!

    Got your attention didn't I? Yes I'm serious. I just had some inspiration this evening after accidentally getting a tape way too loose and unable to move it because it wasn't on a taping panel. (and wasn't a 2-chance tape)

    So I thought what the heck, lets see if a hair dryer will loosen the adhesive enough to get the tape off without tearing the diaper. And by golly it works. Put the hair dryer on low speed hot, and hold it about 3" from the tape, while gently pulling to peel it off, as much as you can without starting to stretch the material it's stuck to. After 5-10 sec you should start to get it moving. Go slow. Takes about 15-20 sec total to peel off the tape.

    Some of the adhesive will be left on the diaper where the tape was, so this works better for tightening things because you'll be overlapping the sticky spot you've created. The tape may not stick as well as it did before, but it works good enough.

    Keep an eye on the tape till you stick it back down, don't let it touch anything, even its regular backing. It'll be crazy sticky with the adhesive warmed up like that, it's like warm gum.

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    Hehe. Good to know. I wish I had known that earlier, mostly because last night I fell asleep in my drenched diaper I had been put in and one of the tapes came loose and instead stuck to my leg. I thought it had just broken off like it has in the past, so I just laid my arm over it so it would keep the tension on and the diaper would slide off. When I went to take it off this morning and change, the tape ripped off a good deal of skin. x.x;

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    Just a word of warning. Do not use the hair dryer trick on wet diaper. Good God the smell just gets horrid. Dont ask me how I know this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddedpants4me View Post
    Just a word of warning. Do not use the hair dryer trick on wet diaper. Good God the smell just gets horrid. Dont ask me how I know this...
    I think we can all figure that out...


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    That hairdryer trick's a great idea! I never thought of that. It's useful for escape without ruining the diaper! Dunno if I really wanna be able to escape tho.

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    And knowing is half the battle! I'm sure this will come in handy sooner or later! Thanks!

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    Never thought about using a hairdryer to get the tapes off.

    You know, I think I'd be too afraid of melting the diaper or setting it on fire. (And as humorous as that mental image is, I don't think I'd want it to happen to me in real life.)

    Obviously you're not blasting it with heat. I'm just paranoid.

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    i never thought of this before. if a tape wasnt put on right i would either leave it or put another diaper on over it. INGENIOUS

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    Warmth on plastic?! Get too closed and you don't have to worry about shaving your pubes any more for a while, except that you'll probably be the main subject of discussion of your local fire brigade after they've showed up to hose down your ...male hose because it was on fire

    Besides, if you remove the tapes with a hair dryer, chances are the tapes won't stick any more

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