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Thread: Sale on Goodnites

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    Default Sale on Goodnites

    Just a heads up, walgreens has a sale on Goodnites right now for $6.99 which lasts until the 8th. That's the cheapest I've ever found them for in store.

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    acually, thanks, i am prolly going to pick up a package within a few days

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    I'd take up that offer... if I didn't have so many fuckin' Underjamz to use up.

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    I have a ton of stuff too, but I saw the sale and had to get one more pack. I was tempted to get two or three but I don't have anywhere to put them =(

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    >_< I'm tempted to go get some, not a bad deal.

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    Thats incredibly cheap since they're normally at least around 9. Too bad they don't really fit me that fell to be too comfy.

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    too bad i dont live in the US lol. thats really cheap

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    And if you add in the $1 off coupon from the goodnites website, it drops the price to $5.99 plus tax, so roughly 50 cents per pant. I've not seen it cheaper at any store or online, unless you go for old/open stock on ebay or you happen to find a clearance sale at a local store.

    My Walgreens still had some of the older style. I was surprised to see them, and was trying to figure out if there was any reason to buy them versus sticking with the new style (which I quite like).

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