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Thread: saying hi to anyone that wants to read about me

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    Default saying hi to anyone that wants to read about me

    I am a 47 year young married male who is transgendered, I have felt like I was female since a very young age and would have the surgery to fulfill that need if I could afford it but as life stands now it can't happen.
    I have been married for 25 years to my wife/mommy,we have had our ups and downs but love each other very much and she takes care of me like a real mommy would.
    I have been a baby and in diapers my entire life, my birth mother kept me in diapers and raised me as a babygirl /girl /boy when she wanted and changed my diapers up to the age of 21 as that is the age I started to want out of that type of a life and she decided to leave my dad for a friend of mine that was my age, it was just to much for me and I have disowned her since then.
    I met my wife in 1985 and married her in 1986 and didn't tell her about all my troubles until after we were married about a year.
    It was kind of a shock to her as she had a very plain childhood and knew nothing about the things I was into, but after several years she came to except me for who I am.
    We live on a small farm in MO. and love to garden and grow flowers and tropical plants. We have our own tiki hut and parrothead lifestyle. We done have any human kids but have lots of furry kids, our dogs. We give abused, neglected, homeless and old or special needs dogs a forever home on our farm. We love them all like our kids and they all live with us in our home.
    I am not sure what else to tell you about right now but would tell more details about my life if someone wanted to hear them.
    Everyone stay happy, ozarkbaby

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    Hi Ozarkbaby,

    Welcome to Adisc.

    I don't wish to accuse you of posting anything untrue, but just so you know here at adisc we value honesty and lying is very much against the rules. It is not my place to say whether what you have posted is, or isn't, truth, but as somebody who has been into this scene for so long I'm sure you're aware that much of the information you have posted here about your early life is certainly hard to believe, and furthermore follows a very typical backdrop for a common AB fantasy, in which an ab male is babied and treated as a baby girl by his mother.

    Whilst nobody at adisc would wish you to disclose more information than you are comfortable with, if you are going to post about unusual events that may have happened in your past, particularly in your first ever post here, it is possibly a good idea to post as much information as possible to help explain how something so strange as being babied up to the age of 21 was able to come about. Your story leaves others reading it with many questions about how something so surreal, and which is possibly bordering on child abuse, could possibly have been allowed to go on for so long. Didn't your other family members find this strange? Were the diapers and girly clothing not an issue when you went to school? Did you not ever feel that it was strange and try to stop your mother from doing this? Perhaps when you realised all boys were not treated in this way by their parents.

    As I'm sure you can appreciate people are going to be very sceptical about a first post which focuses largely on very implausible events. We do get a lot of new members on here who seem to confuse truth with fantasy and post fictitious stories in place of truth. As a result most members on her are largely sceptical of any posts which resemble fantasy, particularly from new members. This can get new members off to a bad start. You may perhaps wish to consider removing the harder to believe aspects with regards to your childhood from your intro, whether they are truth or not, if you wish to receive a proper and warm welcome from people here. If what you post is indeed true then it may be something you should save for discussion when you are a more established member, rather than in your very first post.

    Anyway, that said welcome to the forums. Your lifestyle now sounds fantastic. I too love gardening and animals, although my alliances lie with cats far more than dogs. I only have one at the moment, but I hope that when I have more room I will be able to adopt more and hopefully take in rescue kitties. How many dogs do you currently have?
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    Well-said Babyjess.
    To the opening poster: intros with very unlikely events in them do not give a very good first impression, and it seems that there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding being kept in diapers until you were 21.

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    While the intro has aspects of things that pepole have posted before. You must keep in mind, in some areas, parents may actually do this. Heck if you watch the news often enough, you would see stoires of foster parents keeping their foster kids in cages and diapered - rare yes, but it did happen.

    I think lost of older adults may have been abused like this in their childhood, and are just now coming to grips with what happened to them.

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    Yeah, I can see that all mothers want to keep their 21 year old son in diapers and baby girl clothes.

    I'm sorry, but we've heard stories like that too often before. I doubt your membership here will be off to a good start unless you come up with some plausible explanations and/or proof.

    Try writing another introduction, and this time, stick to the truth, and nothing but the truth!

    Thread closed!

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